Monday, April 26, 2010

. . . . . . Orgill Family Party

Last January, when my Grandma Lisenbee passed away, I honestly didn't know how often I'd get to see the Orgill family anymore. My only trips to Grantsville were usually to see her. Thank heavens for some wonderful (and organized) family members who have planned 2 family events in the last year! Hooray for Allison! :) Check out the pics from our latest gathering, Saturday night at Noah's in South Jordan. What a fun place for a party!

Ef, Jim, Kevin and Brady watching a game after playing racquetball.
Judy, Lois, Denny and Rachel visiting and snacking.

Allison, Dave and Susan rockin' out. (Dustin was the primary vocalist for the evening, but I didn't get a pic before he left!)

Tolan, my sweetie, hanging out on the pool table. We haven't played pool in years, but it was so fun!

Rachel, Rebecca and Niki visiting by the kitchen.

Dave, Tami and Diane playing Rock Band.

Me, focusing really hard!

Allison, Karen, Sharon, Me and Rachel having fun cousin time! A great gathering of family!!!


Karen said...

Jodi...thanks for sharing the pics! It was so good to be able to 'catch up' with person! (wink) You looked amazing...and I LOVE your new 'do!! Can't wait til next the 'girls lunch'!

Anonymous said...

You look so fantastic!

Sarah O'Neill

britt said...

what a fun get together! Nothing like family time :)