Friday, April 9, 2010

. . . . . . .The Year in Numbers

Wow, what a crazy year it has been for me and my family! One year ago, on Friday, April 10, 2009, I was diagnosed with an “inoperable” brain tumor, growing on my brainstem. My, how life has changed since then! We have been trying to “Pay it Forward” for all the kindnesses shown to our family during this difficult year, but I don’t think any amount of trying will do. Thank you for your endless love and support. YOU are the angels who got us through!! Our love to you!

More than ever, we are grateful that we are an eternal family, that we have a Savior who lived and died for us and a Heavenly Father with the ultimate Plan of Happiness. We count ourselves lucky to have made it through this trying year. Here are a few other things we counted this year…

Tolan: 4 Years at OC Tanner
264 Round-trips to Salt Lake City
112 Hours visiting Jodi in the hospital
1 Knee surgery

12 Weeks of physical therapy
12 Months as Ward Clerk
6 Weekends as a single dad
1 Zoo trip “alone” with the kids
365 Days as a great husband & dad
34 Blog posts written
21 Doctor’s office visits with Jodi
9 Home and yard projects completed
0 Days to himself
78 Hours research on spinal fluid leaks
1 Savior, always near

Jodi: 1 Devoted husband to love
4 Amazing children to mother
1 Brain tumor
78 Visits from dear friends
3 Brain surgeries & 1 eye surgery

59 Caring Doctors, nurses & CNAs
37 Days in the hospital

1,116 pills and 149 shots administered
1 CLOSE call with pneumocephalus
90 Faithful blog followers

236 pgs of hospital & doctor bills
16 Rides to the doc with 2nd dad, Larry Brown
28 Hospital days with Dad at bedside
6.5 Hours of MRIs
33 Days of spinal fluid leaks
328 Days of facial paralysis
15 pounds lost & 15 regained
10 Months as Young Women’s Pres
1 Savior, always near

Trenden: 2 Soccer MVP awards

21 Goals scored in soccer games
20 Hours of swimming lessons
100+ Hours in the hot tub

12 grade reading level (in fifth grade!)
37 Books read (Favorite: Fable Haven)
3 K’Nex Coasters, designed & built
13 Days fasting for Mom
12 months as Mom’s right hand man

Lindi: 212 Notes of love written

396 Art projects completed
197 Play dates with Daven
14 Chapter books read

38 Piano lessons taken
4 Soccer goals scored
3 Months of ballet lessons

6 Months without front teeth
1 Eye patch bedazzled for Mom

Casen: 165 ABC Train preschool days

26 Alphabet letters learned
7 Soccer games played
3 Goals scored in soccer
20 Hours of swimming lessons
160 Mornings with Mom & “D”
100 Hours in the hot tub
157 Times singing It’s a Grand Old Flag
365 Prayers for his Mom

Daven: 365 Days of smiles & laughter

8 feet high chain link fence conquered
6 Pair of Big Boy underwear
280 Morning luvs for Mom

6 Months of successful potty trips
3 Daily bumps from falls
147 Climbs on furniture

48 Walks in the wagon
1 million reasons for his mom to live

Family: 82 Meals brought to our home by neighbors, friends and loved ones

93 Days with Grandma Orgill living at our home and taking care of the family
1 New Russian Blue kitty named Pepper
1 Christmas in Laie, Hawaii (for a month!)
3 Trips to Hebgan Lake, Montana
5 Friends taught the gospel in our home
2 Visits from Grandpa Pringle
17 Sunday dinners at Grandma and Grandpa Browns
1 Savior, always near

1,345,654,276 AMAZING Family Members, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers, Well-wishers, Gift Givers, Prayer Providers, Meal Makers, Flower Senders, Drivers, Babysitters, Visitors & Angels who granted us


wjmom said...

This brought tears to my eyes. We may never meet, but you have touched my life in countless ways. Here's to infinity years ahead!

britt said...

when you break it down like that...
love ya