Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finding Normal and Amazing Moms

The last couple of days have been very good for me. By that I mean I hope they represent what my new "normal" could be. Oh sure, there are still issues I am dealing with (my eye, not sleeping & headaches most of all) but overall, life has been good and managable. It has been a beautiful week and I have enjoyed time outside with my little boys, basking in the sunshine and watching a tractor dig a hole for a new house in the neighborhood. (The boys could watch that all day long!) It has felt very normal to me, which gives me high hopes for the future.

My entire family is now vaccinated from H1N1, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that none of us picks anything up this season, so we can all stay healthy and so I don't have to face anything else with a weakened immune system.

It's amazing what a difference a week makes, but truly, right now, I feel so good! And, I was so pleased yesterday to read a neat article which tells my story from the last year. The blog author, Veeda Bybee, features "amazing moms" and tells their stories. Personally, I think most moms are pretty amazing (you have to be to keep up with all that motherhood is these days). My mother is also in the article and she truly is an amazing mom! I think I was featured simply because of all the challenges we have faced this year. Still, she did a fantastic job of encapsulating the details into a well-written summary of my life this year.

Check it out at: . If you subscribe to her site, you will also be able to see future stories on great moms, and maybe even suggest someone for her to interview!

So, the blessings abound and for this week, at least, I am healthy, happy, and oh, so normal!


Carey Ann said...

Aloha Jodi,
I've been following your blog and I have been praying for your recovery. I truly admire your strength and your heart. You are so beautiful and your words are beautiful too.
I read your blog b/c you are a fighter and you inspire.
I hope you continue having better days and that you will be in Hawai'i sometime to visit us here at PCC. By the way, your Father is a wonderful leader.

With Love,
Carey Ann

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend!!! Its just me....wanted you to know that I am keeping "up on you" once again....even tho you live right across the street!!!! Can I just say this....WOW!!! You should be a writer!!! Your words are well written...even when you are in the worst of conditions....someday I hope to have your strength and ability to "enlighten" you girl! Cindy Taylor

Els Manning said...

Wow 13 years...good job! Congratulations...and wishing you many more! the pictures are so cool! Love the colors, and of course i adore your daven...mmm wonder why?
So happy to see you out and about. Good sign! I am seriously so happy for you to be able to enjoy the fall bonus we have had the last days.
Probably will see you sunday...and do feel free to visit!