Monday, November 23, 2009

. . . . . . . . . Thanksgiving: Good Food

With the holidays quickly approaching, I feel so busy all of a sudden! The weather makes it more difficult for me to see and drive, but I am still trying to be as normal as possible and get everything completed in time to ... ahh, relax and enjoy the holidays!

Thanksgiving Day #8: Good Food

So, having been swamped today, I started thinking about my, oh not so favorite phrase, "What's for dinner tonight?" Since I didn't have a good answer, or a good amount of time to prepare, I decided for a different option: Dinners By Diana! The meals are all homemade, prepared ahead of time, and all I have to do is pick them up and cook them for 45 minutes or so. Piece of cake!

This was my first time to Dinners by Diana and I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings. I got a succulent pot roast for dinner tonight, and bbq ribs for tomorrow, plus some yummy sides. My family will love this and now my time can be freed up for what I really enjoy... BAKING!

Desserts are the fun part! For Thanksgiving, I am making 3-4 pies (my specialty) along with my other assisgnments. I so enjoy good much more satisfying than IV fluids. :) Even though my tastebuds don't work yet because of the paralysis, I am going to do my best to enjoy all the great food this week has to offer! (The doctor said the term for the metallic taste in my mouth is dysgeusia, or unpleasant or obnoxious tastes in my mouth -- yep, he got that right!).

Still, even when it doesn't taste "normal" it smells wonderful and that is always a plus, too! Eat up!


Els Manning said...

aaww...such a bummer not to taste the food...can you smell? Glad you like to fave too. So satisfying. And so hard to resist! And again the smell that comes with it...
Also sunday was a nice meeting. And i boobed too...
Have a good rest of the day ! Thinking of you!

britt said...

I wondered about that "Dinners by Diana" place. there is one in Layton, close to where ame takes hula. I've never gotten dinner there, but have thought about it b4. Are they reasonably priced?
Happy Baking and Thanksgiving!!