Monday, November 9, 2009

Nights and Lights

Saturday Tolan and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We both admit that this wasn't our easiest year of marriage, perhaps year 13 really was unlucky. Or maybe the opposite is true, and it was our best year ever, with more love, miracles, faith and family than ever before. It all depends upon your perspective... :)

That night we had a fun dinner with our good friends, the Baileys. We went to Gray Cliff Lodge, in Ogden Canyon, and had an enjoyable dinner, complete with all the fixings and yummy dessert. It was great to spend time together and visit with the Baileys. I think we are both amazed at all this last year has brought to our family. Perhaps it will be smoother sailing this next year, but if not, at least we are getting better at navigating through the storms.

Yesterday we enjoyed a great day at church, and I enjoyed another church meeting after ours, at which my aunt Celia's kids played their violins and some family friends spoke. It was a wonderful meeting and I truly felt blessed to have been there and felt the Sprit of the Lord. That evening, Celia, her kids, and friends, the Nguyen family came over for dessert. Ahh, dessert is one of my favorite things, and sharing it with wonderful friends and family makes it even better. Truly, another blessed weekend.

Lights: For several days now, I have been having many issues with my eye. In some ways, my right eye seems to be getting worse, or perhaps I am trying to use it more so it only appears worse. In either case, I am having an extreme sensitivity to light. I am nearly blinded when I get into sunlight or bright lights of any kind. It affects both of my eyes until I can cover up my right eye (or hold it closed). I don't know if this is because the paralysis doesn't allow some of the eye functioning to take place, or if there is another cause. If anyone knows anything about sensitivity to light, please pass along the info.

Normally this would simply be an inconvenience at best, but with my sight and perception already suffering, this sensitivity is causing me real problems. I don't drive much these days, but the other day I was out on a busy road near my house, when I turned a corner and the light got in my eyes. Immediately I was nearly blinded and I was afraid I was not going to make it safely down the road. Scary. It happened again when I came out of a building and into the sunlight in the parking lot. Hmmm, don't know what is going on, but I do know that my eye seems to get "tired" and worn out much earlier in the day than it used to.

Despite my questionable eyesight, life remains very good. My children keep me hopping and my husband keeps me sane. My friends keep me informed and feeling loved and my neighbors rescue me when things don't go right. All in all, you should (no one is perfect though, right??) hear no complaints out of me!


Els Manning said...

keep those spiffy sun glasses handy... That might help out?
I do hope it gets better soon. I am not the most patient person in this world. And i can not imagine having to deal with your set backs. And i so admire your outlook on things.
Hang in there...and only a phone call away...remember?

Anonymous said...

looking back on one’s life, it’s one of the things that strike you most forcibly--that the only thing that’s taught anyone anything is suffering. Not success, not happiness, not anything like that. The only thing that really teaches one what life’s about--the joy of understanding, the joy of coming in contact with what life really signifies--is suffering, affliction

teresariverdale said...

Is that Brian and Holly Bailey? Holly is my brothers daughter!

Jodi Brown said...

Yes, that is Brian and Holly! They are our good friends and we were lucky enough to have them join us for our anniversary celebration! We love them and their cute family! :)