Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moving Rocks and Shedding Tears

No matter what is going on in my life, my dear children always help me keep perspective. I love my little ones SOO much! I was with Daven on a windy day and we were walking to the car. He noticed the wind and immediately said, "Oooh, it's windy, Mom. I need a eye patch!" He was so matter-of-fact that I just laughed. He is obviously very observant and knows exactly what Momma is going through right now. Sweet, sweet boy (who also happens to be 2 and a little "curious" terror around the house!).

Last week as I was struggling with Strep Throat and being down in bed again, I was inundated by love and goodness yet again. A dear friend, who I have gotten to know through my whole "tumor experience" brought me multiple meals and treats during the week, plus sent me emails to keep my spirits up. She reminded me an old story about a king who built a new road in his kingdom. He told everyone that he would give a bag of gold to the person who could travel the road in the most eloquent style. As you can imagine, people showed up from everywhere, dressed in their very best, with carriages, horses and all manner of stately attire. But one man traveled alone, slowly, taking in the beautiful view from the road. When he came upon some debris in the road, he moved it, so it would not block the path for others travelling. Upon moving the rocks, he found the bag of gold. The man did not know where the gold had come from, and so he returned it to the king, explaining that it did not belong to him. The king told him that he knew there would be many who would travel the road, and the gold was meant for the one who would make the path better for others by removing the rocks and debris. The road is better to travel if we help each other.

This simple story was followed by a few sentences of perfect explanation. "Its simply what Christ did, and would want us to do. I am not a big religious person. I am not a big scriptorian. But I do know without a doubt that it's the small things in life that matter, often more than the earth shattering things. The little 'lift each other's burdens for a minute' things.... the letting other people know they matter..." She ended by saying that we are all travelling the road as best as we are able, but when we need a hand, we should let others move a few rocks for us.

Wow. What a beautiful message! Thank you, Els Manning, for reminding me about the beauty of the journey and the blessings of moving rocks and rock movers. I am inspired, yet again.

My tears over the last few days have been because I was "released" from my Church calling, working with the 12-18 year old young women. I know this is a rest and break my body needs, but I am so sad to let go of "my girls". They cannot comprehend now just how much they are loved. I will miss serving them so much. I have been promised the relationships will continue, and I know they will, but I am still tearful that my time with them is over for now. I am so grateful my dear friend Cami H. is taking over the reigns and will continue to help these wonderful young women know that they truly are DAUGHTERS of GOD. I can't fight the tears, but I will be forever grateful for the chance to have these young ladies in my life!

I know God is helping me find the time to rest, recover and recuperate. Last night I had a massage therapist work on my whole body, then I went straight to bed and slept for 9 hours!!! What a blessing and a wonderful chance for my body to heal. Thank you for the continued love, support and help moving my rocks. :)


Els Manning said...

cant believe you mentioned my name...silly girl. I am still glad you liked the story. And i still am so proud of you, and your grace under all this pressure and heart ache, and i want you to come to my mia maid class anytime you feel the need to hang with the girls. I am so scared, and worried. I told Br. Bennet that he must have heard the wrong name... to check and come talk to me another time. I almost made him cry. And yet i feel very strongly that i love the nursery kids. And with them what you see is what you get. No pretending. NO make belief. Real. And with the y.w. it is different. Needless to tell you i am very scared. I just may need you to help with some "rocks". REally. I am breaking out in fever blisters! Do remember i worry and care, as do so many others... love you!

Becca said...

Hi Jodi. Reading Veeda's interview with you reminded me I should check your blog much more often than I do. You are so inspiring. I love that story about the gold and the road built. What a good lesson, and yet it's so easy for us to get caught up in our own things and forget to "move rocks" for others or allow them to moved for us. Thanks for this message.

I'm sure your YW will miss you but I've learned there's a time and season for everything and I'm sure your time and season to serve with them will come again. In the mean time, rest as much as you can. You're in our prayers.