Wednesday, March 10, 2010

. . . . . . . .Club Membership

About a year ago, I joined a club. It has such amazing benefits, it is hard to believe them all until you experience it for yourself. It also has extremely high dues. In retrospect, I guess this makes sense, they have to charge high dues or the benefits wouldn't seem as valuable.

This is me with my my dear friend, Jodi Carlson. She joined the club a little more than 2 years ago. In fact, it was her example that got me through my initiation in the club! She was the pioneer who led the way.

Her dues were paid by her stroke. Mine were paid with my brain tumor.

We have many friends in the club, some with cancer, others who paid through a terrible accident or degenerative disease. It is strange to be part of this club. You desperately need the other members of the club, though you wish with all your heart that they weren't in it at all. You wish they didn't have to be part of the club, but they are, just like you.

This photo was from our last club meeting, on Tuesday, at the home of Jodi's mom. Her mom is an honorary member of the club, as is her husband, my husband and so many other caregivers.

Our meeting was wonderful. We have missed each other so much since our last club event over the summer. Though we tried to focus on all the benefits of our membership, I have to admit that we also shed a few tears. It is OK though. We know there will continue to be rewards to reap, though the price sometimes still seems high.

As we left, we hugged. No more tears for now. We have come too far, accomplished too much and survived the unthinkable. For that, we could not cry, but smiled crooked smiles and parted ways... looking forward to the next club meeting when we can again meet to love, encourage and remember what life was like before we joined.


Ogden Family said...

You look so Beautiful! I can see your positive countenance show through. Keep waking up each morning and remembering that today can be absolutely GREAT, if I want it to be. You are fabulous. Live happy and keep believing!

wjmom said...

This post may be the most beautiful one you have ever written.

We aren't all in your club, but we are boosters!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Jodi. Love, Annette

britt said...

You both look soo amazing beautiful!! And continue to be so very inspiring. thank YOU :)

Anonymous said...

Jodi. once again I am struck by the originality of your writing.

Anonymous said...

hang in there... you have so much love and support out here. I imagine that your "club" has a lot of people cheering for you all. And as far as you personally are in our prayers. Every night...8:30...feel it!

carolyn said...

Beautifully written and said Jodi. It is great to have friends who get together and support and give encouragements to each other, and also to have other friends who continue to include you in their prayers and to give you love, encouragement and support every day! David is going to have lapband surgery in a few months he attended a support group not long ago and was amazed to find others were or are in the same boat as he is. He said it made a huge difference for him that night knowing he wasn't totally alone. You are a beautiful writer and I love reading your daily blogs you are an amazing lady! Hugs and love, Carolyn