Tuesday, March 16, 2010

. . . . . . .Exercise!

I'm doing it! I'm getting my body and my life back in shape after a very long year of losing weight and muscle. I'm starting with 3-4 times a week, doing rowing, speed walking (can't run or "bounce" my head) and basic weight lifting. Yesterday I rowed so hard I could hardly use my legs, as they felt a bit like Utah green Jello. :) It was great.

I exercised daily, right up until the day of my diagnosis last year, then life went crazy. It feels so good to do something so "normal" and even taxing on my body. It tells me I am gaining strength, gaining energy and regaining so many parts of my life that were on hiatus for a year.

Exercising, even walking, I will never take for granted again. I look forward to the day when my eye is functioning again and I can do more exercising outside, but until then, my basement gym will do! :)


britt said...

I miss our runs together!! I have yet to find a new running partner.

Ogden Family said...

I agree... physical exercise is so great for the body, but essential for the mind and for a stress reducer! I just started back too, so keep up the good work and we will motivate each other.

cbuffy said...

Check out www.t-tapp.com

There are several "try before you buy" exercises. It is based on physical therapy, is comprehensive (which means every move is working 5-7 muscles instead of just one) and the ENTIRE workout only takes 15 minutes. I've lost 23 inches! And I feel SO much healthier. I have lowered my thyroid meds TWICE since October.

No jumping or bouncing. Everything is done standing (no laying on the floor unless you chose to add other workouts later..)