Monday, March 22, 2010

. . . . . . . .Twitches and Tears

Miracles abound in our home. Yesterday afternoon I felt a little twitch in the middle of my face (cheekbone). I haven't had a "twitch" in months, so this caught me by surprise. These are always good, as they signal returning nerve connections. I ran in to tell Tolan and he watched as I attempted to use the muscles. Dormant for almost a year, now I can move another muscle in my face! It runs all the way up next to my eye, so I could actually see the difference as I focused and flexed that little muscle.

Tears welled up in my (good) eye and I began to cry. Every time this happens, I am keenly aware that God is watching out for me, still. The emotions are so overpowering, I cannot explain. Tolan gave me a big hug and assured me, yet again, that I am still getting better, with the help of a very loving Father in Heaven and Savior looking out for me. :)

I am crying again now, just thinking about it. So many blessings!

Even though I have been dizzy quite a bit this weekend and today, I am still so happy and excited. Just like the tulips peaking through the ground, I feel I am getting a new lease on life!


Cami said...

Love to hear about these little miracles! Love you, Jodi!

Flints Facts said...

Thanks for sharing your happy moments!!! Thinking of you always!!!!! Love you!!

Leah Ketchum said...

Yay for twitches!! Miss you Jodi!

Nichole Giles said...

Fantastic news. This must be a great feeling after all the setbacks you've had lately.

Now, let's chalk the dizziness up to altitude issues and call it good. Right?

=) Hope you keep progressing.


britt said...

that is wonderful to hear!!
made me smile :)
love ya

Jackie Dillard said...

That is so exciting to hear Jodi! I know that Heavenly Father is truly watching over you and helping you and that prayers are still pouring out for you--you are in my prayers! I hope that all is well! We definitely still need to do lunch soon! Miss you and love you Jodi!

Emily said...

Your optimism is amazing, keep it up:)