Saturday, March 6, 2010

. . . . . . .My Future Olympians!

Someday we will all be a family of skiers. For now, my hubby and the 3 big kids are. Daven and I are homebodies for another year. The kids are doing great. They had another fantastic day today on the slopes and were the very last group to leave the resort.
Trenden's form looks great. Lindi is getting braver and braver. And Casen is a natural. He has only taken 5 lessons, but he is doing great. I definitely see a future for him in the sport. Here is a quick video clip of my 5-year-old phenomenon.

Casen on the ski lift with Tolan after he finished ski school.
Trenden, Tyler Rhoads and Lindi on the ski lift.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome, I am so impressed!

carolyn said...

How fun your kids had skiing this is awesome!! I've only skiied once in my life that was eons of years ago with my BYU roomies. It was fun! My luck was going down a slope at Sundance that had a huge tree in the middle of the slope! It freaked me out that I must have walked down the slope that day!Never did get the knack of skiing! My kids learned how to ski when we lived in Argentina one summer/winter we went to Bariloche and to San Martin de los Andes where they learned to ski with their dad accompany them. It was fun! We don't live where there is snow to take up skiing during the winter months!