Wednesday, March 17, 2010

. . . . . . .Leprechaun's Spell

A little Leprechaun must have come during the night because today some strange things happened in our house. The milk and pancakes turned green.

But even stranger than that... "Mom" was singing and dancing around the house. She even used the orange juice container as a "microphone".

Trenden ate his green pancakes without syrup!

And Lindi...well, Lindi was pretty normal, I guess.

Still, it was simply the strangest thing we've ever seen. No doubt about it, that must have been one powerful spell! :)

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carolyn said...

How fun!! Chelsea made sure I wore something green today so I wouldn't get pinched! Brainstorming something greens for dinner!! Dropped my aunt off at the airport today it was fun having her here. Chelsea remembers the leprechauns coming to leave green things around the house and really believed in them! LOL! Tonight we're watching Ghost Hunter show the cast goes to Ireland to explore hauntings and see if leprechauns are real! Happy St. Patrick Day!!