Sunday, June 20, 2010

. . . . . . Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day! The love and dedication I feel from my father still amazes me every day. There are too many examples to tell them all, so let me share just one.

The day I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, we made only a few calls, to our families. We were not ready to tell the world. We did not even tell our closest friends and neighbors. I was not prepared yet. That very day, my prayers ceased for a while. In a time when they should have increased, they stopped. I had not lost faith, I just didn't know what to say to my Heavenly Father.

Luckily, my own father did. Not only did his fasting and prayers begin in the first moment he heard the news, so did his pleas for help. While we hadn't told anyone, he had already told all of his closest friends and associates. He asked them all to pray for me, to put my name in temples throughout the world. He asked them to pray for miracles on my behalf.

His strength and faith far surpassed my own. Many of you are reading this today, not because of me, but because of my father and the love you have for him, and me through him.

Thank you, for your strength and prayers then, and for your loving care now.

Happy Father's Day to the most incredible father, the one I am blessed to call my own! These are a few special moments with my dad!

To the father of my children, well, words cannot touch those feelings either. I was blessed to witness one special father moment this morning, when our youngset son came into the bedroom, before we were quite ready to get up. Daven's daddy pulled him into bed with us and cuddled him in his arms, then on his chest. Then Daven did the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" on his daddy, and so his Father's Day began.

I am so grateful my best friend is also the father of my children. They will be truly blessed because of their righteous, faithful, fun, loving dad! Some of these photos explain why we all love him so!

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Anonymous said...

Von, you are The Dad. I remember clearly the day you told me about Jodi and asked me to pray. It was at that moment I was enlisted in the army of pray-ers across the world for Jodi. Feel the love!