Wednesday, June 9, 2010

. . . . . . .Thoughts on the Simple Things in Life

A few thoughts for the day...

Thought on Life: Monday we had a "Celebration of Life" in honor of my 1-year survival anniversary. Casen, my 5-year old helped me make homemade cake and homemade frosting. Lindi made decorations and posters that said "Celebrate Life". Tolan made homemade ice cream. We were joined by Tolan's parents and our Aunt Celia and her family. Together we visited, enjoyed treats and truly celebrated what is important to us, Family. :)

Thought on Summer: Yesterday I felt like I was "running" all day long. We had a playdate at the park, watched some children, did jobs and schoolwork, played games, made food, cleaned the house... At 7:00pm, I went into the backyard and sat on my swing. There I rested for a moment, being serenaded by the sounds of the trickling water in my stream, and the birds visiting my yard. I felt the warm penetration of the sun on my skin. I closed my eyes and just took it all in. These are some of my favorite quiet moments.

Thought on Marriage: After basking in the yard for a while last night, Tolan and I went on a walk with Daven. It has been ages since we have gone on a walk together, when the two of us could really talk. We pulled Daven in the wagon and he was content to chatter to himself as we visited. This together time is SO important. We need more of it to strengthen our relationship. After that wonderful time together, I have decided to make this a priority again, focusing more effort, time and energy on my best friend and eternal companion.

Thought on Motherhood: I had today all planned out. After jobs and music practice, I was going to treat the kids to a movie at the summer movie club at the mall. We loaded everyone in the car and took off. Upon pulling into the parking lot, Casen said he wasn't feeling well and he thought he was going to throw up. I hurried to park the car, but was too late. The poor little guy was sick all over in the car. I jumped out and helped him out of the car to finish getting sick. So, instead of a movie, we loaded everyone back into the car, rented a movie and came home. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning out the car, the clothes, and helping one sick little guy. Though things don't always turn out the way we plan, part of our challenge in life is to react cheerfully and make the best of the situation. So, on the bright side, the car hasn't been cleaner in years. :)

Hope YOU have a wonderful day and make the best of the mishaps in life!

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