Sunday, June 20, 2010

. . . . . The Path of Life

I have often referred to life as a journey, one in which we are placed on a certain path on Earth and our challenge is to travel that path the best we can.

This weekend my family went on a hike, and they all expected me to stay home, but I decided to go, to both strengthen and test my body. As the hike, or path, began, I remembered the achy feelings in my legs that come from this type of movement. It was a mental game and many times, I thought to myself I just have to move one foot in front of the other, just keep moving, just keep moving.

At times, the path was sandy, steep, rocky, or muddy, but we all kept going. As our journey on the path continued, I felt myself becoming invigorated, I knew I was going to make it! Just as we neared the top, we had to pass an area covered in small rocks on a steep slope. I told the children to be careful not to fall. We were only yards away from the top, when I stepped on a loose rock and fell to the ground. I hit hard on my arm, hand and part of my chest. Trenden hurriedly came to my side and helped me up. I was bleeding a little and bruised a bit, but I was too close to give up. The kids helped pick me up (Tolan was further behind, carrying Daven and hiking with his parents), and together, we all carefully climbed the last several feet.

That is the way life is sometimes, we have periods of relavtive ease, and other times when we slow down and struggle. We get excited to reach a destination, only to stumble and fall, leaving us bleeding and bruised. But the key is to keep moving forward and keep your eye on your goal. When I caught a glimpse of the waterfall, I knew I could make it, no matter how hard the final steps. Our own focus can push us along, even when the path seems too steep to travel.

Then we can reach the top and experience the joy and beauty that God intended for us, and only then do we see that every moment of the journey was worth it!

At the trailhead, all eager and ready to go!
Enjoying the beauties along the way!
Scenic stops on the path.

Loving the sounds and sights of the water!
We made it, together, one step at a time!

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Ogden Family said...

How true your words are! Most people look at our challenges of my husband breaking his neck, as our biggest trial. When in fact each day we wake up and decide whether or not we are going to be happy, grumpy, helpful, lazy, giving, or selfish. I am proud of you that even though you fell you kept on hiking. It is hard to have your kids have to be little adults and learn life's hard lessons at such a young age... but wow, they can really do amazing things when pushed by necessity. Hope you heal from your physical bumps and bruises and that your emotional injuries continue down your positive path.

Love, Heather Ogden