Tuesday, June 15, 2010

. . . . . . The Very Best

I am so in love with my children! They are the very best kids in the whole world! Though we all have our "days" of frustration with each other, I am reminded over and over again how truly wonderful they are.

This morning I took the little boys to Karate Kick Camp and the big kids stayed at home. In the meantime, I had an appointment, so I was gone the whole morning. When I picked up my little Karate guys and checked in with the big kids, they gave me the update that they were just starting on their daily homework assignment, after having finished their chores and outside jobs.

I smiled to myself, but really I was amazed and in awe. There was no one at home making sure they did their assignments and chores, but they did them anyway. They worked together in the yard and sat down to do their homework together at the kitchen table.

My Karate guys had a great day. They were adorable bowing to their Sensai and practicing their new moves. I cannot explain how much I adore these little people!

The Lord has blessed me with the very best kids...for me. :)

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