Friday, June 25, 2010

. . . . . . Sleeping in Your Own Bed

No matter how much you love a vacation, a trip around the world, or camping in the great outdoors, there is just something wonderful about coming home and sleeping in your own bed again. :) Is it the comfort of being back where you belong? Is it the reassurance that you know exactly what to expect in your surroundings? Whatever it is, it is a warm, welcome feeling. I enjoyed that feeling until my little Daven squeaked open my bedroom door and awoke me this morning, with the cutest plea, "Mom, can I have breakfast now?"

This week the kids and I went to Orem and stayed with my mom. She is here from Hawaii to help when my sister's baby comes (any day now!!). So, we had a great time with Grandma and the cousins. We had so many wonderful adventures! We went to BYU campus and played in the streams, got candy, and hiked around. We went to the pool. We went to Bridal Veil Falls. We got snow cones. We played at the park. We had family dinners and barbeques. We roasted marshmellows. We did all the things summer is made of.

One of my favorite activities was watching my brother, Scott, cut out cardboard swords for each of the 8 kids. Each sword was 3 cardboard layers deep, then covered in duct tape, for extra strength, of course. Of all the things we did that week, they were most enthralled with the cardboard swords, of course!

I took a ton of picture, (okay, not a ton, only 158), but here are just a few of my favorites. Perhaps there will be another 158 summer photos by next week. :)


carolyn said...

I LOVE Summer, too! Since we've been home from ward camp the kids and I have taken turns sleeping in the cots. Sounds like you are all having a GREAT and FUN-tastic Summer! Enjoy! The kids and I were at WalMart we noticed store personnels were bringing out school supplies! We cave in and brought some supplies early! Have a great weekend! Alohas and hugs, Carolyn

britt said...

what fun memories and family time. Just what summer is all about!
miss you!