Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Power of People

Thank you, one thousand times over, to all the friends, family and blog readers out there who reached out to me in my time of need! You are wonderful, amazing, POWERFUL people! Your strength gave me strength and turned my hard times into managable times. Thank you. I love you all.

Shortly after my last post, my sister, Tami, called me to lend a listening ear and just to chat. She reminded me that no matter how positive we are, sometimes life is just hard and we need to let it out. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. I appreciate that reminder, as I am probably hardest on myself.

Right after that call, my dear neighbor Annette called and simply said, "Jodi, can I just take you out to lunch?" She did much more than that, she listened, visited, and then took me to the grocery store, too. How blessed I feel to be surrounded by such love! Annette was amazed by the man who came up to me in the restaurant, looked at me wearing my eye patch and asked why I was already dressed for Halloween. Even after explaining this was not a costume, he continued to press the issue, not in an unkind way, but still in a probing way. I smiled and laughed it off this time, but I am still amazed that some people just don't get it. If you want to know what is wrong, just ask! I would much rather tell someone the truth than have them point, laugh, wonder, tease or try to embarrass me. It is what it is and I am what I am. Right??

The second I pulled in my driveway with Annette, my wonderful friend Satcie appeared. Now, you can't be with Stacie without smiling, because her very personality bubbles out and causes those around her to "catch" her take on life (which is a good thing!). She mysteriously brought out a big yellow chair and followed me into my house. There she proceeded to place a large target on the seat, then handed me markers and together we wrote all my frustrations on the chair (ie. back aches, headaches, metallic taste in my mouth, eye problems, hearing loss, hair loss, etc). Then she took the chair outside and handed me an aluminum baseball bat! It was a very windy day, but I managed to see well enough to smack the crud out of the chair. The more I hit it, the more I wanted to hit it! The harder I hit, the better I felt! I was both laughing and crying as I hugged Stacie and thanked her for the wonderful "gift". :) Now you can see why I love her so much.

Upon going inside, I found that wonder woman Cathy had made and delivered cookies (which is amazing, since she has a brand new baby!!). And later I visited with Cami H. who always brightens my spirits. I also talked to both my Mom and Dad, who are constantly finding ways to help ease the burdens of life. I also had messages from my sweet Brittany, my dear, dear old friend, Tom Foster, and many others. Then, my incredible online friend, Jason, sent me very powerful and uplifting messages that once again reminded me that life is all about perspective. Wow! What love! What AMAZING, WONDERFUL, POWERFUL people!!

The last three days have been very good. I have felt somewhat better and I am constantly being hugged, loved, emailed, Facebooked, and called by people that care. Imagine if everyone in need felt this kind of love at some time in their lives...the world would be a much better place, because of all of you. Thank you, for being you.


Veeda said...

What you say is true, every day people are powerful influences. I'm glad you're one of them!

wjmom said...

I am in LOVE with this chair idea. Your friends all sound so wonderful, and I'm glad you have every one of them (and more). Hang in there! If I am ever in a restaurant and see you, you will get a hug from me (a complete stranger)--will that be better or worse that bugging you about the eye patch?

The best is yet to come...

britt said...

glad to hear things are feeling brighter for you! And the chair idea is fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Jodi! xo
You are amazing to me and continue to be light and sunshine. You continue to battle the mortal body and will do all in your power to conquer and leave the rest to God. I love you share the good, bad, happy, sad. It is all very real and so important to share.
Sweet is the peace ... with light effulgent on its wings, it clears the human view.
Prayers and much love to YOU!

Aunt Leslie M.

Flints Facts said...

Love ya Jodi!!!

Joey said...

I have been following the “Case” almost nightly. I am sorry to hear of your continuing challenges. Please know that I am thinking about you, and praying for your comfort and healing. I am so impressed with your positive attitude, but also when you let you hurt known. It is hard to read but a must for you to tell honestly of your pain and struggles. I hope and pray for your better days ahead. Love Ya, Joey

carolyn said...

ALoha Jodi,

What you say is true...people are powerful influenes in our everyday life. I am reminded of President Kimball's remarks about people and service..."The Lord does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs." When we serve others we become less concerned about ourselves. The happy abundant life begins inward and then moves outward to other people around us and so forth. We all can make a difference in each other's lives. What you said is true that people do make a huge differences in our daily lives. WOW! Jodi, through you and your countless of wonderful family, friends, and others continue to make a differences in all our lives. So thank you again for your wonderful insights, encouragements no matter how difficult life gets each passing day know we can all make a HUGE differences in all our lives. Have a wonderful day,


Carolyn & family