Friday, October 2, 2009

Good, Better, Best

Some time ago, one of our LDS Church leaders gave a talk entitled, "Good, Better, Best" talking about the fact that there are so many ways we can spend our time these days that we need to separate our activities to make sure we are getting the BEST use of our time. There are many good things we can do. There are better things we can do, and there are the BEST things we can do with our time. This message is one I have taught to the youth at church over and over again. Now it is time I apply it in my unusual circumstance.

Truly, I feel I am doing at least good things with my time, but my strength is so limited these days, I am realizing I can't do all these things, even though they may be good. I need to limit myself to doing only the things that are the BEST use of my time, so I can preserve myself for the things that really matter.

I am having trouble doing this, because my nature is one that I want to do all the good things because I care deeply about others and everyone has done so much for me lately. I really want to repay all the kindnesses that have been shown to my family. But, I cannot. I cannot write the 500 thank you letters that need to be written. I cannot make bread, cookies, and dinner for all the families in need, especially those who have helped us this year. I cannot meet with every friend or talk to every young woman at church that I'd like to.

I am saying all of this more for myself than anything. This is a constant battle for me. For many, it is easy to say "Just take it easy and stop doing so much." But I challenge any of you to come to my house and tell me what to stop doing, making breakfast for the kids, doing laundry, making dinner?? What do I stop? Well, sadly, I am going to have to stop doing so many of the "good" things I love doing, because I simply don't have the strength and energy.

Still, I know this is not a bad thing, it is just hard for me because I am a "go-er" and a "do-er". The wonderful thing about life is that I have so many good things to choose from, that I could fill all my time doing good things. I feel like that means that my life is blessed. The challenge for me is to become a person who can tell the difference between the "good, better and best" options in life and do accordingly. So, if I do not answer every email, phone call or card, please know that I still love you dearly and I am thinking of you, but I only have a little energy and strength these days, so I am limited in what I can do. My "best" may not be perfect, but what I have goes to my dear husband and my sweet, wonderful children!

Thanks for your continued support and love. Without all of you, there would be many more tears and fewer smiles. You keep me going and keep my family going with your love and help!


Flints Facts said...

Jodi, remember we are always here for you!!! Even when you won't call on You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily!!! I appreciate you so much and admire the friend that you are. You have so many trials and things you are dealing with, yet you are worring about my family! Thanks for having such a big heart! We Love you!!!

annie said...

I love a woman who has her priorities straight. Have a lovely conference weekend with your little ones. Tell your folks hi from us. Happy Huggs!

Jason said...

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi,
Boy do I ever remember that talk well. I remember hearing it and liking it, until I got back to "life" and realized that I wouldn't be able to do half of the things that I wanted to do. Not to discourage you, but it's almost 5 years later for me, and I still am not sure where to even start! Then that becomes frustrating, and the cycle has begun. For me, taking things a moment at a time tends to work the best. From what I can tell, you are doing a fabulous job doing what you're doing- so keep that up my friend. Those of us that you inspire on a daily basis now look to you for these "nuggets" and again, thank you for that :)
Great post and I hope that you have an incredible weekend, being with Tolan and the kids, and doing only what you are able to do.
Much love Jodi.

Perla said...

perfect wording of what i was trying to express this afternoon. if i'd just read your post this morning i would have known better what i was trying to say. :) thanks so much for your wonderful example!

britt said...

You shouldn't feel quilty for anything you are or aren't doing, because you are always amazing us all! But only YOU knows what is BEST for your situation, as is likewise for each of us. Thanks for sharing your insight and for the reminder of how I should be spending my own time!!!
as always...miss you :)