Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Down But Not Out

Just a quick update to let everyone know that although I am still sick, I am "OK", too. I went to the doctor today and found out that I have strep throat (hooray, not the flu!). He said my body isn't strong enough to fight off infections right now, so I am prone to whatever is out there. Today my glands were swollen to the size of grapefruits (or at least golf balls :) so that was a big clue. The good news is, at least strep can be effectively treated! So, I got a big shot in my bum, and the recovery should begin within 24 hours.

Another bit of info the Dr. gave me today...he said with my recent "history", I should go straight to the Dr. or ER if I have a fever of any kind. Hmm, good piece of info for the future. He also had me do a blood test while I was there, to test my iron. He thinks I may be anemic, which could be attributing to some of my many issues. I am truly grateful to know that despite feeling like crap, I am going to be feeling better soon and some of my infirmities may get slightly better if I go on iron supplements. That is good news!

Oh, and best of all, a surprise visit from my Mom today! That always makes me feel better! Thanks to the great friends for the wonderful meals (Cathy and Els, you are awesome and inspired!). Expect yet another recovery on the way!


Jason said...

That is mostly great news Jodi! And I'll be totally honest, when I read that you had a fever, I immediately thought that you should be heading to the ER. I'm glad to know that it's not the flu also. As for everything else- I'm sorry that you feel crappy. I know that's no fun. Just know that I'm another person that always prays for you. And sorry that I've been a bit of a "bad" friend lately. Mostly just wanting to be not conscious most of the time. I think you know what I'm saying :)
Love to you and yours dear Jodi.

Anonymous said...

So glad you went to the doctor girlfriend!!! Hopefully with that shot "in the bum" you will begin to recover quickly!!! Take good care, and get lots of rest!
Cindy Taylor

britt said...

It is always great to find out info. That will always help lead to treatment and feeling better!
Hope you are feeling somewhat better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling a little better today? Keep me posted my dear...
And do hollar if you need me or something. Food, laundry...kids..anything!

Carolyn said...

Hi. Thinking of you on this day Thinking of you in a special way Thinking of you and letting you know I'm thinking of you and wishing you a better day! Glad its not the flu, and the Dr. gave you a shot, and hope you are on your way to feeling better. A surprise visit from Mom is always Da Best!!
Have a feel better day today! Rest, rest, and rest....

Love to you and family,


Nichole Giles said...

Hey, you know what? When anyone in our family is sick with a fever and sore throat, we go to the doctor crossing our fingers that it really is strep. I figure if one of us has to be sick, I want it to be something that can be treated quickly with antibiotics. Right?

I'm so happy it isn't the flu!

Feel better soon, since strep is a miserable thing. (Although that shot ought to really help.)