Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Patches & Pies

My daughter, Lindi, came up to me yesterday and said, "I'm happy as a pumpkin pie!" I laughed and asked what that meant and she told me that it was just a random statement. One of the "Tween" shows my kids watch apparently has a running joke about how "random" things are. They will "randomly" make funny, nonsensical or out of this world comments and then say "how random". Well, today, that is my post, it is random bits of information about my world. :)

Random Patches: Sunday I had the chance to go to General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had to wear one of my very fashionable eye patches because of the weather and air flow within the Conference Center. As I walked into the building, a man came up to me and asked where I got my patch. He said his wife has been looking for one and didn't know where to get one. I told him I got it at the hospital, but I happened to have an extra with me. (Truth is, I have 3 in my purse at all times.) They are, of course, bedazzled and stylin', but I offered him one. He seemed surprised and said, "You have one here?" I pulled one out, full of jewels, and handed it to him. He asked how much he owed me for it; I just laughed and told him my insurance had paid for it 1000 times over. :) The funny thing is, the nurses gave me many patches, thinking it would be fun for each of the kids to have one, as well as a couple for me. When we got our hospital bill, we were charged $20 each, including all the extras they threw in for the kids! So, I am glad someone else will get some use out of them!

Random Pie: I was in the car today and the song "American Pie" came on the radio. I couldn't help it as the music and beat caught me in their webs and soon I was singing right along, "Bye, bye miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. And good ol' boys were drinking whisky and rye, singing this'll be the day that I die..." It was one of those perfect moments, with the music turned up, and the kids swaying to the beat in the back seat. Just a few seconds, now frozen in time in my mind, but it was good, fun and very "real" to me today. It was just me, being me. :)

Random Cutie Pie: My little Daven is the sweetest boy! His 2 big things in life right now are: 1) Getting potty trained, and 2) Trying new things. The potty training wasn't really my idea (yet). We have been working on it a bit for a while, but I haven't been ready to really dedicate myself to the task. :) But, he has decided he doesn't want to wear diapers anymore, so that is that. Here we go on what is hopefully a very small adventure. As for trying new things, well, I love it. He is absolutely great and so fun to watch. His favorite phrase right now is "Did you see 'dat, Mom? Did you see 'dat?" He wants me to watch every single thing he does, whether it is jumping off the deck (which no longer worries me, he's got that one down to a science), or wearing his brother's sunglasses. He wants an audience and he wants to know he has my approval.

I realized that in many ways, that is what we all want, just a little approval from the people we care about most. For me, I want my husband, children, parents, siblings and family to feel like I am trying hard enough ... for them. I want them to know that they do motivate me, and in many ways, they are the reason I am still here. Most of all, I want my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ to know that I am trying my hardest to do what I should. I am grateful that I feel that approval and know that they love me, inadequacies, idiosyncrasies and all!


britt said...

that was a fun read and inspiring at the same time (as usual). Daven is making the potty training easier for you, at least he has decided he doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore. I just started with Ash and not much progress yet. Hopefully time will change that!

Anonymous said...

I did a little search on decorated eye patches. There seems to be a market for them and a few sites online, but they are all patterned matterial or some kind of picture on them. I did not see any with bedazzling. You should think seriously about selling them.