Thursday, February 25, 2010

. . . . . . . Guiltless Sleep

Lately I have been feeling very guilty about the amount of sleep I feel like I need. My body is physically recovering so well, it doesn't "seem" like I should still need so much rest. But, I do. I am having an extended "episode" right now and I am more tired than I have been in weeks. I am getting 8.5 - 9.5 hours a night and I am tired again by afternoon.

Then I started reading an amazing book, “My Stroke of Insight”. It is written by a neurologist who had a stroke and was “aware" as she was losing her abilities and functioning. Because she already “knew” the brain, she also knew how to overcome and retrain her brain so she could recover fully. It took eight years, but she did it. Though her situation is different than mine, I have found some very helpful info and advice as I have read. One important thing she talks about is the amount of sleep a body needs when recovering from trauma. For the first 4 years after her stroke and brain surgery, she slept 11 hours a night, plus took naps during the day! For the next 4 years, she cut back to 9.5 hours a night and a short nap. Wow! So, no more guilt for me (at least not about my need for sleep).

I would recommend this book to anyone because there is so much we can all learn about how we CHOOSE to use our brains. It is empowering to realize how much we actually have control over, if we understand how our brains work. I am starting to use some of her methods to see if I can make positive changes in my life, maybe you can, too! :)

P.S. - I have had another "complication" or "side effect" pop up. Not quite ready to discuss it yet, but it is weighing on me mentally and physically, so prayers would be appreciated. Thanks!


Pam said...

I give you my confident permission to sleep as much as you WANT. This is uncharted territory but you are very resistant to giving yourself what you need.

Oh, wait a minute. So am I. I'm just much more mouthy than you are...And I need to listen, too.

Els Manning said...

i look at our bodies, and after reading that it takes an average of 6 weeks to get over it. So consider that , and you can see that it takes just a little longer to recover from the little problem you played with.
Incidentally, my mom passed away tomorrow, on her birthday...from a stroke. It actually was a very spiritual experience... i'll have to talk to you about that one of these times.... But eighter way girl... take the time...and listen to your body. It's alright...

Ogden Family said...

Dearest Jodi,
Just started following you since you found our blog. I know that life throws crazy stones at you. You are often smacked right in the head, but if you can learn from each bump and count it as an "experience", so great will be your faith and your strength. You seem to be an amazing woman... keep up your positive attitude and know that many are praying for you.

Heather Ogden