Thursday, February 18, 2010

. . . . . . . Miracles for CCAM

It is a good thing that our family and friends are all getting so good at praying for miracles! This week my sister, Tami, went in for an ultrasound for her 5th child. The family is thrilled to have another little Baker baby boy join the family this summer!

However, in the ultrasound, a problem was also detected, one that could be serious or minor, depending on how things progres from here. Baby Baker has CCAM - Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation, or a large mass on his lungs that is pushing against his heart. Tami will now be under careful watch to see how his progress is and to see what will happen to the mass and his heart. There is a possibility it will shrink, so PLEASE pray with us for this miracle! There are many possible outcomes and this sounds like the best of all. Some others are not so positive.

To read more about CCAM, go to:

Thank you! You are all very good at making miracles happen, so please join me again for another one!


Anonymous said...

The prayers are starting in earnest!

Pam said...

Pennsylvania prayers have begun.

Callie's Mom said...

West coast prayers are starting, too.

carolyn said...

Prayers are being said for Tami and baby boy Baker. We pray also for the Lord's guiding hands assisting the Drs. as they continue to monitor Tami's pregnancy and baby's growth in-utero. Keep us posted. Aloha and hugs,

Carolyn & Family