Saturday, February 13, 2010

. . . . . . . . .A Long Winter

There is something about the month of February that makes it feel long to me, even though it is the shortest month. By this time of year, I am tired of winter and ready for spring. There are fewer snow storms, but not much warm weather either.

This winter has really felt long, even though I have actually been here in Utah for a short portion of the season. But, the fact that I cannot drive makes me feel "trapped" sometimes. I start to go crazy.

So, I am doing house projects. :) I would like to do 10, but I don't have enough money, so I am only doing one or two for now. I am starting on my bedroom, making it feel more elegant and luxurious. Why, well, just for us, I guess. Just because I am home so much and now I see all the things that need to be done!

The best part is completing a project and seeing the "after". I love the after. The transformation process is amazing, and the after is the best part.

I cannot wait until I am an after.


Nichole Giles said...

Great idea to do home projects. Those are fun things and keep you going for a while. But when you're finished with those, what will you do next?

Here's an idea. Take a class to learn something in which you've always been interested. Learn a new skill. Take on a new hobby like writing or making jewelry or sewing. Things that can fill your time.

And by the way, the reason Feb feels so long is because it's so, stinking, depressing. Blah! I feel your pain there.

Els Manning said...

post some pictures! And good for you to do something so cool...and important. It's your home, and it needs to be your personal retreat.
And winter is long...ha ha! I have been trying really hard to enjoy the moments. Look for the good. But it sure can be hard. Hang in there my friend, remember it is only time. And it will turn winter into spring before you know it. I saw the first bulbs poke their noses up through the mud. In Holland there is a saying that goes like this....ready? HOOP DOET LEVEN. Hope makes one live. Nice uh?

annie said...

I'm guilty of neglecting our bedroom. I have the attitute of "who sees it anyway"?

I didn't make my bed one time last summer. So unlike me but it was awesome! Kinda liberating for a girl with OCD tendancies.

I'm sorry you are feeling "blah". I feel your pain. Good luck with your bedroom project.

wjmom said...

The best part of this post is the last sentence. Me too. And Amen!

carolyn said...

Aloha! it is always fun to have ongoing projects to do at home. Have fun with your bedroom project. Or take a fun class at a local college. Now that you mention the days seems to be going slower as usual especially in February. I need to stop glancing at my calendar too often in a day! LOL :) I need to get out more and enjoy the sun, sand and beach more often. So glad for this long, long president's day weekend. I enjoyed the afternoon the PCC with my daughters and we learned to play Ukulele! It was so much fun! Sounds like you need another vacation to paradise again! alohas and hugs....Carolyn