Saturday, February 27, 2010

. . . . . . .Grateful Prayers

It has now been a few hours since the tsunami warning in Hawaii has been cancelled. My family is safe at home, unpacking all the belongings they packed up, draining the bathtubs they filled with water, and bringing everything back down to ground level. They spent half of the night preparing and all day waiting, and in the end, nothing happened. Prayers of gratitude are now needed to thank the Lord for passing over Hawaii, for a safe, uneventful day atop Temple Hill in Laie.

All the news sites have tsunami videos, as reminders of the tragedies of the past. Watching just a few of those made me even more grateful for the outcome of this day.

While much of the world went about the routines of the day, hundreds of thousands of people fled to higher ground to wait, hope and pray. I was shopping and having lunch. They were watching, waiting, listening and wondering. I feel overwhelmed and blessed to know that this natural disaster was just a close call this time. My prayers of gratitude have begun.


Ogden Family said...

Hey Jodi,
Just found out that your family lives on Oahu. My husband's parents work at the PCC and were also preparing for the Tsunami. I know prayers were answered to have the islands spared. Keep up the good work and glad our families are safe.

Carolyn said...

Aloha...actually I spend all night making preparations for what we needed to evcauate and store things in higher places throughout the house. We and the countless of of others are grateful the tsnuami never hit. It was fun being ontop of Temple Hill and socializing with friends. Later our family discussed what we didn't bring...suntan all of us got sunburnt! :) Happy and safe back in our home sweet home! It was an interesting perspective being in an area where we live in a tsnuami zone...I would remember watching on the telly of various places in the world watching the outcome of where natural disasters tendency to occur never realizing that one day my family and I would be on the front end not knowing if a tsunami would hit or not. By the afternoon we were grateful and headed back to our homes. We think and pray for those people in the world who are living in the moment of natural disasters, e.g, Haiti Chile, Marquesas Island and Japan as they were the ones got hit by tsunami waves...we pray for their safety. A good friend of mine is in Chile with her family as her mother passed away a week ago. She went back for funeral and ended up in earthquake. I know she is safe with family and friends in another nearby city. It is great to have people in world come together praying for the well being of their fellowmen.