Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Prayers are Working!

This has been the best week that Jodi has had in several months and after talking about it, we all think it is directly related to all the prayers and fasting that have taken place on her behalf. Thank you to everyone for your faith and prayers! Keep 'em coming!

Jodi has been able to be up and functioning for about 2 hours at a time, all day, throughout much of the week. After 2 hours she has to lay down and close her eyes to shut off the vertigo and help her head to feel better, but then she is up and going again. She even drove herself to get her haircut (don't panic, it was only a mile away in her neighborhood). She's had some great days, thanks to all the prayers!

The other things that have been amazing are all the cards, notes, emails, packages, flowers, fruit, etc. that have come from so many "long-lost" old friends. The other day Jodi received a wonderful Harry and David fruit package from her friend, Michelle Tavakolian. Michelle and Jodi were best second grade! Michelle moved from VA to CA when the girls were only in 4th grade. They have seen each other only once since then, when they were 12. So, after 20 years, Michelle still cared enough to send a great pick-me-up gift to Jodi and her family. When she saw the name on the card, she started to cry, overwhelmed by the love and support!

Yesterday another wonderful gift arrived, a huge bouquet of "fruit flowers" from Mindy and Michael, Teresa and Jared, and Lisa and Leeland, all of Jodi's sisters-in-law and their husbands. The tears came yet again as she felt thankful for the kindness and love.

Other far away friends have also touched her heart, including Lucy Davis, Quinn Aubry, Jason Greene (thanks for making her laugh and smile), Tamee Sutherland (Jodi LOVES the journal!!), Clark Hartley and Melissa Orchard.

Of course, she doesn't want me to forget all the "close" friends who are also still doing so much to show their love and support.

Jodi, Lindi and her mom also got a special treat yesterday when a friend, Kathryn Bloxham, took them all to get pedicures and have lunch. That was a wonderful and relaxing experience for Jodi, who enjoyed the massage chair as much as the pedicure! Lindi and her best friend Mandy loved having their toes painted, too. Thanks to Kathryn for such a fun morning and lunch!!

Also, many thanks to: Noellee, Michelle Bocchino, Brittany, Annette, Rose Bell (thank you, thank you!!), Kim and Marty, Stacey, Kelly, Cami, Celia, cousin Brad, sister Tami, sister Kristi, brother Scott, MOM!!!, mom-in-law Kay, dad-in-law Larry, and all the wonderful friends and neighbors who stop by and call. Jodi doesn't want to forget anyone,so please just know you are loved and appreciated!

Jodi has an appointment today with an ENT in Salt Lake, so another drive down with her father-in-law Larry. :) She should find out in the next few days when they will be scheduling the surgery to do the biopsy. They are shooting for the end of next week. We will keep everyone posted.

One more request, Jodi has asked that you also pray for her friend Jodi Carlson (see earlier post) as she has gotten very sick with the flu. Her immune system is very weak after all the struggles of the last 18 months. So, she needs prayers, too!

Thanks to all! Enjoy the fun pics of some of Jodi's fun surprise packages! Oh, and one picture of her kids in their Easter Sunday clothes, just to share for fun!

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britt said...

No doubt YOU truly are LOVED. What fun surprises and treats you have gotten. I am especially grateful you are feeling someone normal and have strength to get up and be active. I know THAT was making things most challenging for you.
Love you