Friday, May 15, 2009

Pictures - May 15, 2009

Jodi and Grandma Lisenbee's "Prayer Bear" that recites The Lord's Prayer. From this side Jodi looks completely normal!
Jodi's Mom (Sherri) blow drying Jodi's hair after her first shower.
Tolan and Jodi laughing as Tolan is taking pictures of the incision area.
The question mark scar complete with staples! She really did have brain surgery!
Trying to smile when only one half of her facial muscles are working. This is one of the really tough parts of this experience. Some restful sleep even though she can't get her eyelid to close. With all she's going through she is keeping her positive outlook, is bolstered by your faith and prayers and looks forward to a day in the future when things will be normal once again!


Gonzalo said...
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britt said...

Jodi I am so proud of you and the positive outlook you have had through all of this trying experience.You are blessed with so many friends and family who will continue to support, love and help you the next several weeks/months of recovery! Sending you much love and aloha :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jodi! Get feeling better. Your pictures are sad. We hope we see you soon. Love, Avery Hall

Anonymous said...

Jodi-I showed my girls your pictures, and they were touched. You are one tough girl. We hope you feel our love down in Salt Lake. We will wait til you are home and feeling a little better to come visit. All is well at home in Riverdale. Love, Annette

Martin said...

GREAT NEWS! I'm glad you're doing better! The pictures are pretty gnarly, but that will all fade in no time!

All you need is a trip to the cabin or Hawaii... heck, after all this you can go anywhere you want! Take a year off! :)

I'm really relieved that things are looking positive! It's all down hill from here!

Brandon "Awesomeness" Orgill said...

Hey beautiful! I love you a ton. Stay strong. I'm praying for you.
I'll see you soon.

Nichole Giles said...

Awesome news to know it was low-grade. Of course we had to expect recovery would be the hardest part. I mean, it's not rocket science, but it IS brain surgery!

Hang in there. Someday you'll have a great story to write about--or share with your grandkids.


Jeni said...

I am relieved to hear how well you are doing, Jodi. You have been blessed with an amazing family and such wonderful friends to support you. You have our continued prayers and well-wishes for recovery.
-Jeni Gozart (Fishback) Warrenton, VA

rek said...

HI Sweetheart
Just to let you know how much I love you
You're such a strong and wonderful woman
i see the pictures of you're children and there so wonderful I think of you Each and every day. Stay
strong I wish I could be there. My family is the most
imporant thing in my life.

Marcie Palmer said...

Hello Jodi and family,

This is the Palmer family from Riverdale - Nicholas is a friend of Nathan and Brianna is in Trendon's class at school. Brianna told us what you are going through and we just want you to know that we are thinking about you and hope your recovery continues to have positive moments. Our prayers are with you. You are an amazing person, and you seem to inspire much love and support from the people in your life. Sending warm thoughts your way, Perry, Marcie, Nicholas and Brianna Palmer.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear you had a better night!!! You have the most wonderful family to help you through this trial. We talked to your mom and dad when ever they came down to Orem.I can feel how painful it is for them to see you going through this. I recognized know they both wish it's them going through all this instead of you!! That's the love of a parent. We are still praying for your speedy recovery.The Hilcrest 8th ward people are still praying for you and your family.
Think good thoughts and keep being positive the way you are. We love you and looking forward to see you back to the way you were!! May the Angel of Bright Star reflecting the light of love and hope upon you!!!
Love always,
Saras, Sanya and family