Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Up and Down Process - Prayers Work & Prayers Needed

Jodi asked me to do one more update for today. She was in real difficult shape this morning when I sent out the first update and made the appeal for extra prayers. Then gradually things began to turn around and for several hours she felt quite good. This was also when she learned that there was no spinal fluid draining from her nose or down her throat. There was a surge of strength and the feeling that she had turned a corner towards where we all want her to be.

This afternoon she had a tough spell again as they moved the incline of her head, rolled her over for a shot, and didn't get the pain medication in time before her head pain exploded again!

The reality is that its an up and down process with so many variables at work. It is also a reality that your prayers have made and do make a difference...a big difference! The most important need is the healing of the spinal fluid leak and all the evidence right now points to that happening!!! How grateful we are!

As has always been the case, your comments on the blog, your calls, and messages continue to sustain Jodi (and the rest of us). Your prayers continue to bless her (and the rest of us). Your incredible love and kindness and support lift Jodi's spirits as little else could.

Right now, Jodi is resting comfortably and peacefully with the pain moderated. She is hoping for a good night's rest. She wants me to thank you for your prayers once again. Each of you and all of you are Heaven-sent blessings!


cathy said...

I'm so glad the spinal leak seems to be healing. Sorry to hear its been a rough afternoon. You are so strong and I know this has been an awful lot for you to bear, but I know you can do it. Jodi you are in our prayers and thoughts. We love you. To Tolan and kids and family, we pray for you as well. Love you all, The Petersons

Anonymous said...

Jodi and family,
I'm happy to learn that the lumbar drain appears to be working. I pray that you will get a good nights sleep and will feel some reprieve from the pain soon. Know that you are loved by so many and that we are all praying for you. Stay strong, one day at a time.
Love, Jennifer (Johnson)

Anonymous said...


May you get a good night's sleep and may tomorrow bring a day of progress and more comfort.
Sweet dreams!
We love you.
The Jacksons xoxoxox

britt said...

Because of my sisters delivery last night I have been away from my computer and feel so behind on your updates. What good news to hear that there has been a possible POSITIVE turn in the spinal fluid challenge. Oh I pray that it is fixed and that things just keep getting better for you. Good night and I will try and call again soon! Love you

Michelle said...

Wow. Again, I'm so humbled by what I am witnessing. You are an amazing woman of strength- a true fighter and a faithful one. Our whole family is keeping you in our constant prayers. We send our love to you and your family. You are enduring much. I know that prayers are being heard and answered. You are amazing. You will get through this, one hour at a time. Rest easy, Tolan and Jodi. We send you all our love.
Michelle and Anthony

Flints Facts said...

Jodi, I am glad to hear that the spinal leak seems to be healing. Now I pray that you will be able to get some well deserved rest and that the pain will get lighter and lighter.

Hang in there, you are so strong and an inspiration to us all.

Love you! Kelly

annie said...

Your mom called me this morning and we had lovely visit. I was thrilled that she called. Oh how I miss her and the rest of you as neighbors!!

She called me as we were on our way to be with Tony's Dad in the hospital in Layton. He has struggled with copd? (lung disease)for the last 7 years and his lungs failed last evening. He's in a induced coma and on a venilator. Sitting in that small room in ICU all day, waiting for answers made us appreciate more fully what you have been going through each day. Tony and I both commented about how blessed you are to have your Dad there with you each day. I am sure he would have it any other way, but our hats off to him. Your a lucky girl to have him as your Father.
We are praying mightily for miracles and all things good for you Jodi and now for Tony's Dad too.
Happy huggs, The Datos

annie said...

I meant to write your dad wouldn't have it any other way. Sorry, its call "sleepy head blogging". Way past my bedtime. Hope your day is better tomorrow. Anne

Randy and Ann Allred said...

We continue to add our prayers to yours. We will pray for the leak to stop and a good night's sleep for Jodi.
Thanks for keeping us updated.

Pam said...

Jodi, Libby and I have now centered ALL our prayers on you. And all my empty spcaes each day are filled up with more prayers for your sustained comfort. Von and Sherry, you are part of those prayers, too.

Brandi said...

I'm so relieved that the spinal leak is starting to heal. What a blessing. I pray that you will start having better days ahead. You deserve it after all you've been through. I can't believe what you've had to endure through all this. You are one amazing woman!

Try to get some rest. I hope that the pain will subside for you soon now that the spinal fluid leak is healing. Hang in there, sweetie!


Carol Liptrot said...

Good Morning Jodi. I hope you had some rest last night and that this morning brings less challenges for you. You are a pillar of strength! I know what you are going through is so difficult, but you are so tough. I know it's hard, but I know you can do it. You have done tough things before, but this tops them all. I know it's making you stronger, but you're probably saying right now..."Enough already, I think I've got all the strength I need"! Prayers are still flowing, keep improving. Love you!
Carol Liptrot

Julie M said...

Jodi, I was led to your blog by my good friend Pam Walsh and I used to work with your dad at Covey Leadership Center. As I've read through all the posts I have felt both agony and the comforting peace of the spirit. You are obviously surrounded by such wonderful people and from that I can tell that you, yourself must be an incredibly wonderful person. I am adding my prayers to the multitude of prayers you are receiving both for you and your family. Love, Julie (Walker) Morrow

Anonymous said...

You are in out thoughts and prayers daily. I know you have the strength to get through this. We have faith that your strength will pull you through this tough time.
Matt, Nicole & Tyce Petersen

Susan said...

Hi, Jodi-

You probably don't remember me, but your Mom and Dad do!! We are in the Hillcrest 8th ward in Orem. I have been following this wonderful blog about your ordeal, and I am constantly struck with the thought that you are a choice daughter of Heavenly Father! You may not think so, but you are such a tower of strength! I can't even imagine all that you are going through .... BUT I can tell you that you are truly blessed. You have such a GREAT family! We love you and everyone in your family. I really hope that you are having a better day today. It is such GOOD news that the leak is finally plugging up! Don't make any sudden moves - let that leak heal!! It is a GOOD thing!

Susan Judd

Lisa P said...

I'm glad it is a low-grade tumor. I'm sorry you are having so many complications. I had my Mom and Dad add you to their Prayer list in Mississippi. If you or your family need anything please let me know. You and your family are in my prayers. Love to you and your family, Lisa Peirce

Anonymous said...

You don't know us, but live next to your parents home in Orem, in the Datos home. We just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers.
Always remember your Heavenly Father loves you!

Mark and Sharon Koster

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie, how are you doing today. It looks like things are going somwhat well but the proccess slow. You go girl...hang in there! I'm sitting here getting chemo again writing you on Daniel's laptop. I had Chris and Daniel come with me, they are down at the cafeteria getting us lunch. I thought they could come and see what it's like to get chemo. Chris is leaving Tuesday....a very happy/sad occasion. We have grown so close through all of this. He always says I got cancer so I could be with him. What a kid. I hope you have a good day today. I think about you everyday and always have a little prayer in my heart for you. God bless.

Love Nancy

Gene Powell said...

This is Elder Powell. Gene Powell is probably a more appropriate name now that I am home from serving at the PCC. Kea Haverly referred me to the website when I asked him how you were doing. Needless to say, I got more than I expected when I went to the site.
When we first heard of your situation last month, my wife and I made a point of including you in our prayers. I guess now we should be more specific and pray that the pain that you're experiencing will soon pass and that the draining of your spinal fluid will stop.
Thank you for your example and strength. You are an inspiration to all of us.
Gene and Carolyn Powell

Anonymous said...

We just want you to know you are in our Thoughts and our prayers. IF there is anything you or the Family needs please let us know. You are one tough lady that will come through this with flying colors. Love Kami and Phil Durbano