Saturday, May 23, 2009

Okay, what's the deal?

Today has been a crazy day! Jodi started leaking spinal fluid from her nose again. She has also started to run a fever and her white blood cell count is up. The doctors have taken blood samples for testing, as well as the spinal fluid, urine, and they have taken chest x-rays. We are waiting for the results of these tests. Dr. Couldwell is also supposed to be coming back to visit with Jodi later.

We're trusting all of this is just a temporary slow down in the overall recovery.

Jodi thoroughly enjoyed a visit from her children today. After their visit, Tolan took them to the zoo.

It is amazing to see how things can change from day-to day and from hour-to- hour. Yesterday was the best day yet. Today turned in the other direction.

Enough of this...we're going to watch the movie, "Mall Cop" to lighten the mood a bit!

Your prayers and well wishes continue to make the difference! Thank you one more time!


Anonymous said...

Jodi, Try not to get discouraged. Your road (like our road in life)seems to have a few unexpected turns, twists, bruises, and leaks. I know you are getting great medical attention. Between this and the Heavenly petitions in your behalf things will get squared away. In the meantime, rest and have faith. Hope you enjoyed Mall Cop. We just watched it last night and thought it was a fun, light-hearted movie. Here's to staying light-hearted:) Wendy T. P.S. Glad you got to see your kids today. They are the best medicine.

britt said...

Wendy said it well. Our paths are always going in unexpected directions, and not quite as planned! Glad you got to see a movie and especially see the family. That was probably a great dose, of just what you needed! Miss you...thinking of you all of the time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi! I wish I had left you a message sooner! David and I have been following your blog, and you have been in our constant thoughts and prayers. I'm amazed at your ability to handle all of this. I truly hope you make it through this rough patch quickly and speed on toward more recovery! We both think you are one of a kind Jodi, and I admire you so much for the person you are. We love you!
Loni and David Jay

Karen said...

Ugh...I'm sure it's SO frustrating to go one step forward, one step back....but hopefully the step forward was a bigger step, so progress is still being made. (grin) Hopefully tomorow will be another 'boring' day! Much love...Karen