Saturday, May 23, 2009

Enough with this room already!

Okay, so today hasn't been there have been a few bumps in the what? Don't you think it is time to get out of this bed for something other than to go to the bathroom? Don't you think it is time to get out of this room altogether? Why not take a tour of the hospital? Why not look at the outside world? Why not go get a croissant, cream cheese, and ice cream? Why not have a little bit of a picnic?

All this sounded like a good idea to Jodi tonight too! So for 40 minutes we took a tour with Jodi in a wheelchair. Then when we got back Jodi sat up on the couch in her room for another 40 minutes looking out the window, enjoying the croissant and ice cream, enjoying being somewhere other than in that frickin' bed!

It's amazing what a change of scenery can do! Think of it --- leaking spinal fluid several times today, running a fever, generally feeling like "Get me the heck out of here!" After being confined for 11 days the "stroll in the park" was a blessing! Not a single drop of spinal fluid during the entire time...80 minutes of being "up and around" and not a drop! We haven't talked to a doctor about why this might have happened, but it has! Pretty cool, huh?

Jodi is hoping you all have a good night and a great Memorial Day Weekend! Love to you all!

Here a few pics of tonight's blessed experience:


Anonymous said...

What a great thing to read as I end my night. This news made my day complete. You're awesome, and yes you do deserve it! Hopefully, this will be the way many more days are to come. Love, Annette

Anonymous said...

Yahoo !! What a stroll around the park ( er hospital) can do for ones spirts!!! Glad to see some normal things happening. Many more are on the way. I know these steps forward came from Trendon fasting!! Love Joyce Read

The Hall's said...

What a fun Saturday night!! A breath of fresh air, I'm sure just what you needed! I'm so glad you got to see the kids today, I know Casen was excited to see you and go to the zoo. Lets pray you'll be home real soon. Hope you have a good night and a better Sunday:)

Flints Facts said...

I am so happy to hear you got to get out and go for a "stroll" I'm sure that made you feel good... and I am sure the visit from the kids made the day complete, it's amazing how a hug and a kiss from your child can make your day.

I hope this is the begining of many more enjoyable days...
Love you, Kelly

Terry said...

Jodi, you are absolutely AMAZING!!! Taking a tour or stroll around the hospital and finally getting a nice look outside must have felt GREAT!!! You are getting there. Very glad to hear that there was no leaking the whole time you were up!!! Fantastic. Keep up the faith and the great attitude! You are looking better every day!
Love, Susan & Terry

Randy and Ann Allred said...

Hurrah, Hurrah! 80 minutes of wonderful! What a blessing!
We'll pray you all have a good night's rest and a blessed Sabbath.

Karen said...

What a BLESSING that you (Von) and Sherri have been able to be with Jodi through all of this! She is so lucky to have such special parents to be with her when she needs you most! Sounds like you had a fun (relatively speaking..LOL) night together! We will praying for more 'good days'. Thanks for sharing! Love to you all! --Karen

Rhoads Family said...

Jodi, Debbie and I just read the latest update and we are so excited to hear you could get out for a little bit. We hope for more good news. We have been thinking of you and praying for you up here in Sun Valley. It is raining up here so really you have not missed much except for a few fights amoung the kids. (you do not have to leave Utah to experience that) I think they canceled the Sun Valley Memorial Day race this year. We were hoping to have our kids participate in the kids race this year to erase the poor performance from last year. So I think the record still stands the Brown kids are still faster than the Rhoads kids. Love Brandon, Debbie and Family

Anonymous said...

You have not left my thoughts! Steve and I so enjoyed our visit with you. Your sweet spirit really touched Steve's heart. Thank you! We are praying for a great day for you today!
We love you
Deanne, Steve & family

britt said...

amazing what a simple escape did for you. I cannot even imagine how the confinment has felt! But from the sounds of things you will be having many more opportunities to get out, especially of the hopsital and HOME!!! can't wait.
hope you are having a terrific sunday and look forward to the next post of POSITIVE news!

kathy said...

Sodium? After all that Italian food? Tell them they need to salt your meals better Jodi or we're going to have to start bringing in fast food! :)
Oh, the trials of learning patience - I wonder if your doctor would prescribe 1 night of rest so they're forced to leave you alone - it's worth asking.