Monday, May 11, 2009

2 Days and counting...

The call from the University of Utah Hospital finally came this morning and things are set for Wednesday. Jodi will find out the exact time for everything later today, but at least they know that she is for sure on the surgery schedule.

She is starting to get nervous now. She has been feeling sick to her stomach all morning as reality has set in that she is really having brain surgery in 2 days. She is also thinking about all the "little" things, like whether or not she will have any hair left, if her kids will all be OK, and whether or not someone at home will remember to register the kids for soccer on Saturday. :)

Jodi and Tolan will be going down to Salt Lake today to meet with Dr. Couldwell one last time, plus she may have to do a lot of pre-operation things, like meet with the anesthesiologist, get registered, etc. She is hoping to accomplish this all in one trip, rather than going back tomorrow as the U requested.

So, please keep her, the family, and the doctors and medical team in your prayers as we prepare for D Day...

On a happy note, Jodi had a wonderful Mother's Day. She felt good for most of the day and enjoyed celebrating with her family. They had a fun picnic dinner at Tolan's parents house and enjoyed a nice visit together. The family also celebrated Trenden's 10th birthday on Saturday, though the poor kid ended up getting sick for much of the weekend. This is always a special time because Trenden was born on Mother's Day. He likes to tell people, "I made my mom a mother on Mother's Day!" and indeed he did. So, they enjoy celebrating the occasions together!

Jodi wants to again thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers and fasting. Thanks to her Young Women at church who are going to fast this week! Also, thanks to family and friends: Tolan (for EVERYTHING), Tami, Kristi, Dad (for all the WONDERFUL Mother's Day goodies), Tolan's parents, MOM for being there through it all, Cathy for the Mother's Day bracelet, Clementine and Randy in France, Grandma and Grandpa Ketchum, Leslie, Terra, Meijken, Weny Taylor, Jeanette, Brenda, Jim Hopkinson, Debbie and Brandon Rhoads (We love you!!), Carol Liptrot and family, Noellee, Heidi, Heather, Annette, Cami, Brittany, all the neighbors, RS ladies, and friends. Thanks to all!!

Hope all the mothers out there had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!! Here are some pics of Jodi on Mother's Day.


Diane said...

We'll keep you and your doctors in our prayers! Hoping for the best with everything. Love you much, cousin!

Diane said...

Our FERVENT prayers are with you and for you, especially on Wednesday! We will look for a happy update on Thursday or Friday! Heavenly Father is with you!

Heber and Diane Lloyd

britt said...

you look great in those pics. No one would ever know (if they hadn't read the post first) of what you have in store the next several days and weeks!
Everything is going to go so well, I just know it. But the thoughts and prayers will continue!
Love ya

Nichole Giles said...

Good luck with everything. We'll keep you and the doctors in our prayers.

Nicki and Gary and family

Chad and Stacey said...

Jodi, I'm sure the Relief Society has everything all taken care of but if we can bring in meals or help with the kids at all in the next few weeks please let us know! We're here to help you and all our prayers are with you!!

Flints Facts said...

I am so glad you were able to enjoy Mothers Day!!! You deserve it!!! I also enjoyed our visit yesterday, and we were even able to laugh through the emotional roller coaster we shared. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with you, your family and the doctors. Know that we love you!!! Kelly and Family