Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family Picture

This is a family picture taken just a couple of hours ago with Tolan, Jodi, Trenden, Lindi, Casen, and Daven.


Anonymous said...

we hope everything goes well. I subbed at the school during lunch on Thursday. Trendon was so cute. I asked him why he not was eating, he said he was fasting for his mom. I was very impressed that a young kid,(with peer pressure like it is) would not care what the other kids thought. I figured you would love to know what a remarkable younng man Trendon is. The girls check your blog frequently to see how your progress is doing. You are in our prayers.

Steve said...

The kids look great! Tolan must be leaning on someone else for meals and grooming.

Anonymous said...

Jodi,I was worried about your feavor when we left today. You are so amazing! Still after all your struggles, you remain positive and cheerful. Your courage continues to be such an example to us all. You are in our prayers every day.
We love you
Deanne,Steve and family

Brandi said...

I'm so glad you got to see your kids today. I can't believe how big they're getting! What a bunch of cuties!

I'll be praying that all your cultures and tests come back negative for infection. I hope that the fluid will stop leaking soon as well. You really deserve a break, sweetie. Hang in there.



rek said...

I knew you could do it.
I'M so happy to see you out and about.
I know how hard it is to stay in a hospital bed
I was there for 9 days.
If That was not bad enough, everyone spoke french.
and all they wanted to give me was hospital food.
Then they would send in my pills for the night but i fooled them I flushed them. By the time i left all the fish in the paris system were out cold.
Remember Your family in france loves you.
Get well.

AS always ALL my love Uncle randy
PS Love from Clementine Lily Rae And Jess too