Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dr. Couldwell Visit

Dr. Couldwell just came to check on Jodi. He's been out of town for a number of days. It was good to see him again. He has started the lumbar drain for today, then he'll check for leaks again tomorrow. He said there may be no leak anymore given the experience Jodi had last night of being up for so long without any problem of leakage. Dr. Couldwell is hopeful that additional surgery can be avoided.

Below, you can see a picture of Dr. Couldwell talking to Jodi, plus a picture with Mildred, Jodi's night nurse for three nights. She's from Kenya and is a real sweetheart. We've all fallen in love with her. You can also see a picture of Jodi's incision without the staples. They were taken out yesterday. Jodi said it didn't hurt.

Last night was a good night and this morning has also been good. We're looking forward to more times like these.

Jodi continues to be the recipient of flowers, gifts, calls, emails, and of course, the comments on the blog, all of which are immensely appreciated. Thank you again and again!


britt said...

steps in the right direction! SOOO good to hear :) praying for no more leaks!!!!

Bob said...

Dear Jodi, Bro. and Sister Orgil, and family...
Please know that our continued prayers and fasting are with you. We are excited with "every inch" of good news we hear about and celebrate with you. We can only imagine how difficult your lives are right now...but we are so amazed of all of you for the example you are and the strength your have. Thank you for letting us share in your recovery!
We send our love and prayers always.
Elder and Sister Remund from the PCC

cathy said...

Jodi, You look great. I hope to see you in person very soon. So glad to hear you got to get up and around last night. You are so lucky to have your loving parents there with you every day. Hope today is a great day without any complications.

Nichole Giles said...

Wow, I've been without Internet access for a day, and look at all the progress you've made! Amazing. I'm so proud of your ability to persevere. However small the steps, each one moves you toward the end of this trial.

You have "boldly gone where few have gone before" and will "use the force" to get you through. (Hm. Sounds like I spent the weekend with a bunch of science fiction and fantasy authors...oh wait, I did. Met Luke Skywalker, too. However, Yoda was not in attendance--he sent a Jawa in his place. They send their regards.)

So, since you're bored, would you prefer physical, paper books or audio ones? And what is your most favorite genre? (We're talking pleasure reading here.) Let me know and I'll get something up to you asap.

The James said...

Aloha Jodi,

We are your secret admirers from Hawaii. You are a warrior! Glad to hear that the doctors have been able to help you.

Please know we pray for your cure and comfort and for the Lord to inspire and assist the medical team.

Just a funny story to share about your brother Michael in Laie.

Last Sunday, I took a strawberry pie to the house. (My husband made it - I'm a noodles specialist.)

It was dark and the porch light was not on.

Michael's older brother ( I think) answered the door and I asked for Mike.

I heard him say, "Michael, there's a GIRL at the door for you." ( I love this guy already! Thanks to the special effects of the dark porch.)

I bet it puzzled Michael a bit to wonder which 'girl' could be at the door for him on a Sunday night.

I was sorry to disappoint him :=)
but the strawberry pie should make up for it.

Take care. We'll keep you in our prayers. Our aloha to all of you.

Mark & Choon James

Junior said...

Hey Jodi, think about you everyday. I read your tribute to Jodi Carlson. It reminded me of how you enjoyed to write a young age. You were always so good at it. You're going to write about this one day, and it will be the most inspiring thing you've ever written. I'll be right in line purchasing the first copy.

Your Forever Watching Cousin,


Brandon "Awesomeness" Orgill said...

Still beautiful, as always! Love you Jodi! Still praying for you. be tough!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Jodi, you are getting well!And Von, all the photos are spectacular--I feel like I am so close to all the exciting drama, from bad to wonderful. I cheer you from the East Coast!!!