Friday, May 15, 2009

Recovery - Day Two

Jodi wanted us to start this update with a wish to all of her friends running in the Ogden Marathon and Half Marathon tomorrow. She says, "Good luck!" and she wants you to know she'll be thinking about you and sending strong positive vibes your way.

Jodi started out this morning feeling quite a bit better than yesterday. She is able to control the facial muscles around her mouth a little more. She sounds almost normal when she speaks. Learning how to eat is a challenge, but she is making progress.

Dr. Shelton visited this morning and indicated that Jodi's progress is good and she shouldn't be worried about the things she is experiencing.

She does have a difficult time opening and closing the eyelid over her right eye and her hearing remains about the same, not very good. The nurses have to put drops in her eye frequently to keep it moist.

The doctor took her bandages off this morning. The incision is a large horizontal question mark shaped one. With the bandages off she was told she could take a shower if she was careful not to get the incision area wet. The shower was feeling great right up to the point where some water got in her nose. When she tried to blow the water out she felt like her head exploded. She had to have a nurse help her out of the shower and back into bed. That intensified her headache for a few hours.

Jodi enjoyed talking by phone with her kids this morning before Trenden and Lindi left for school. She misses them a lot! Tolan had "fun" trying to get them all breakfast, espcially since each one wanted something different.

Jodi is hoping her spinal headache goes away soon. That is one thing that continues to make this whole process hard, particularly when she needs to move at all.

The physical therapists keep coming in to work with Jodi to try and get her up and moving around, but with the spinal headache she can only do a very limited amount.

She still needs a lot of peace, quiet and rest.

It continues to be wonderful to read the comments posted on the blog and to receive all the emails and calls. Jodi appreciates everyone so much and so do the rest of us!!! Thank you so much!!!


Anonymous said...

XO :)

Love and Prayers for all of you!

Aunt Leslie McLean

Kara said...

Jodi, I am glad that you are starting to feel a little bit better. We are praying for your fast recovery:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi and Fam,

Catching up on all the news. I wish you the best and I send all our love, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery! You are loved by many and have Faith and God on your side.

Thanks for all you are and all you do. We love you very much and pray for you daily!

-Dustin, Rachel, Isaac, Dallan and Alyssa Orgill

Nichole Giles said...

I'm so happy to hear you're at least able to shower--even if it does take a lot out of you. Little things like that make a big difference when you're in the hospital, I think.

Hopefully soon you'll be able to handle seeing your kids, and that will be wonderful, too.

Brandi said...

Jodi, I'm so glad to hear that you're doing even better today than yesterday. I'm sure that those headaches will subside as the swelling goes down. I pray that each day will be better and better. You are such a trooper! Keep up the good work! I'm glad you were able to get a short shower. It sure does make you feel better.

Take care and get lots of rest.

Brandi Stuart

Noellee said...

Jodi - I am so happy and relieved that you are up and around and doing good with improvement each day. You are an amazing woman with the strength of your faith and the prayers of everyone around you. I have been faithfully checking on you through your blog and happy that we can keep up-to-date that way. I will see you real soon and pray everyday for your continued recovery. Love, Noellee

Anonymous said...

It may not seem so to you, but it sounds like you are making an amazing recovery! Stay strong and positive--we are all praying for you!
Kevin, Wendy, and family