Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hospital Stay - Day 19 - New Surgery Date & Today's Snapshot

We've learned that Dr. Couldwell is back in town and will do the surgery to seal the spinal leaks tomorrow instead of on Tuesday. Jodi is excited to get it done as soon as possible. We don't know for certain the time yet, but it looks like it will probably be mid-day.

Dr. Couldwell will need a good deal of fat for the grafts. He's not certain they will be able to find enough fat for this purpose from her stomach (wouldn't it be nice if all of us could have that kind of problem), so they will probably take some from one of her legs, along with some muscle to make the seal stronger and to help hold the fat grafts together. One of the doctors said taking muscle and fat from a leg will mean she'll be more sore there during her recovery than anywhere else. Apparently, when the leg muscle is stretched after a portion of it has been removed the resulting pain is "interesting" and takes awhile before it returns to normal.

Jodi really has enjoyed visits and calls from many friends this weekend. It's been a real treat. Also, yesterday, Tolan and the kids came for a visit. They watched a movie together complete with popcorn and goodies. You should have seen the room afterward...what a glorious mess! It looked just like a regular theater. It was great!

Jodi went for a 5 minute "unassisted" walk this morning. The nurse was close by, but Jodi didn't need any help (see picture below).

Jodi and Tolan are really grateful (as are we all) for the continued offers of help and for the assistance with all kinds of things --- whoever has been mowing their lawn, for the Rhoads who took the kids for an overnighter, for the amazing cards, flowers, gift cards, treats, and well wishes that continue to pour in. Whew! It's pretty breath-taking to see the many expressions of love and support, including the members of her ward, who are having a special fast for Jodi again today.

So far, its been a very good Sabbath day. For the third Sunday in a row there have been married students from the University of Utah who have come by with a spiritual message and the sacrament...just another way Jodi is being blessed.

Jodi wants also to thank her friends in the 5th Ward for the many things they have been doing, including the freezer meals, flowers, calls and well wishes.

Also, OC Tanner has been wonderful and supportive throughout this long process. Both Jodi and Tolan are so grateful for the many expressions of support. The company itself and many individual employees have been incredible in the way they have shown they care. OC Tanner has been simply amazing in the way they have been willing to support the Brown family...a special thanks goes to them!

All the Virginia friends who have reached out to Jodi after so many years have made a tremendous difference. That reaching out, even after such a long time, has been a testament to the power and wonder of the true bonds of friendship.

And finally, to the many who have never met Jodi or even a member of her family, yet who have shared their prayers, their faith, and their support have also become a blessed part of this on-going miracle.

Look at visible means of support!!!


Shane's Angie said...

Dear Brown and Orgill Family,
I check on you everyday, and think of you often. I'm a friend of Tamra's and have been cheering you on and praying for you continually.
May you experience peace and comfort through the coming days of recovery.
With Love,
Angie Sullivan

Chad and Stacey said...

Best of luck tomorrow! You will be in our prayers all day long!!

Flints Facts said...

Jodi, It is nice to see you up and walking...way to go!!! Good luck tomorrow, you will be in our thoughts and always. I pray that your recovery from this surgery is smooth and you are home in your own bed soon.

Love you, Kelly

=Molly= said...

Wooot! Jodi, you are awesome!
Good luck tomorrow! Love ya!

Carolyn said...

Hello Jodi, Tolan, & Family,

I have a moment to log on a computer at my parents' home. It's my dad's birthday, and we are here celebrating with him. I read much has happnened since last week. Jodi, hang in there, and know we continue to pray for you. Your Dad has read you a great book filled with wounderful insights and uplifting words by Brother Wilcox. Another surgery tomorrow I hope the spinal graft will seal the deal and no more spinal leakage, and you can recovery alot quicker and be able to go home. There is no place like home. Here's an update on our move westward...The movers came last week, and now our home is empty we are having fun sleeping on air mattresses for the next couple of days before our road trip westward. Our ward had a temple fast today, and you were included in our fasting and prayers. Good luck tomorrow, and lots of love from us all.


Carolyn, David, Andrew, Chelsea, and Savannah

Teresa said...

Jodi - I hope all goes well tomorrow - we'll sure be thinking about you. I'm sure you're feeling anxious but also ready to get this taken care of. You look great walking around - I hope this next recovery time is a lot faster.


Anonymous said...

We love you and we are anxious to see your progress every day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Good luck. You continue to be an inspiration to us all!
We love you
Deanne,Steve and family

britt said...

It is great to see you up ALL BY YOURSELF! I am glad you had a fun movie party and have had a good weekend. I will be thinking of you, praying and frequently checking the blog for updates to see how the surgery is going. Good Luck to you and the surgeons. I pray for a swift recovery WITHOUT all the side effects!!
Love ya and have a good nights rest.

Nicole said...

We wish you the best of luck tomorrow. You will be in our prayers and thoughts. We hope for a smooth recovery so you go make it back home. We think of you often and can not believe how strong you are. Best of luck.
Love, Matt, Nicole and Tyce Petersen

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,
You look great up and walking around! Although, you may not hear from me to often, I think about you and check on your progress daily. I will continue to pray for your well being so you may get home soon.

You are awesome!
Michelle Tavakolian

Tricia Higginson Marr said...

Jodi----- Just want you to know that there have been many prayers said in your behalf, and also for you children and family. I follow the blog closely so that we can pray for your needs specifically, and my heart has been with you. I was able to visit with your mom today, your kids are so dang cute, and they have such a wonderful grandma to help take care of them, what a blessing! Her and your kids, along with Tamra and her family stopped by our house on the way to visit the horses in the neighborhood. It was good to chat and get a bit of an update firsthand. I just wanted to let you know personally that what ever faith, strength, and support you or your family need I am here. You are amazing. Love Tricia

dicksy rhoads said...

Jodi: Just want to say our prayers and our love are with you tomorrow as you go back to surgery. You and Tolan and your family has been such a wonderful blessing in Brandon and Deb and family's life. We have enjoyed so much the stories Brandon shares with us as you have your trips to SV and up to Idaho. We are continually praying for you and thinking of you and hoping those days for a trip to SV will return soon.
Please know of our love to you and both of your families. I have revisited many of our hospital stays over the years as we have experienced your time there and just want to give you lots of hope. We have had so many miracles in Bob's life in the University Hospital so we have a lot of faith in your behalf!
Must love to you... Dicksy and Bob Rhoads

Carol Liptrot said...

Dear Jodi, I am out of town with my family, but I haven't stopped thinking about you or praying for you. I am glad they are going to get things taken care of a day earlier. I know the Lord will bless you with all the prayers that are in behalf. You are such a strong person. My love and prayers are with you.
Love Carol Liptrot

Cathleen Sparrow said...

Good to see you up and walking! Wishing a great outcome with your surgery. I'll be thinking of you. Warmly, Cathleen

Kari said...

I haven't been on your blog before and got to it through Sharon's. It's me Kari Palmer, from Grantsville. I just wanted to tell you I'm praying for you and your little family. They are all so cute! I can't imagine what you've been through and pray the Lord will pour out his richest blessings upon you.
We're all pulling for you and hoping you know of our love for you and your family.
with love,
Kari Palmer Lawton