Friday, May 22, 2009

Hospital Stay - Day 10 - More Progress

Jodi had another good night and is doing well this morning. In fact, for the first time the physical therapist has come in for some "real" exercise. Of course, it isn't much, but a little bit of anything will be a lot more than what she has had. She's doing shoulder shrugs right now. Now she's pushing her shoulders back into the pillow. She's now stretching her arms out to each side. You get the idea.

There is still no evidence of any spinal fluid leaking. That is great! They kept the lumbar drain going at 15cc's all through the night, which was different than the plan yesterday. They've clamped the drain ocmpletely as of this morning, which is also different from what was discussed yesterday. We don't understand why these changes. We've asked the nurse to page the doctor to make sure things are being done properly. Hopefully, the sealing over of the hole will hold through this rapid increase in pressure and with the increase in physical activity.

Sherri called this morning to tell Jodi that Trenden was fasting again today. This makes three days in a row. Sherri told him it would be okay to eat, especially since he'd fasted yesterday and the day before. He looked at his Grandma Orgill and said, "I'm going to fast for however long it takes!" What a demonstration of love and faith by a 10 year old for his Mom. We can all learn from his sweet and touching example.

I'll keep you posted throughout the day as to Jodi's progress. Things are looking good enough that the routine of laying in bed while being loaded up with pain medication is changing quickly.

Your prayers have been working and now we're praying that the progress will continue in the healthiest of ways.


Carol Liptrot said...

Good Morning Jodi! Wow, great news. I am so excited for you to be improving. I talked to Noellee and she gave me your message. You are so sweet to think of me, but that is who you are, always thinking of others! Trendon is an amazing son. I am so impressed with the things he has been taught by his parents. You are an amazing Mother and the kids will be happy to have you home with them soon. Keep getting better, but don't schedule any marathons yet, wait a couple of months!! I hope you can feel my hugs and smiles in your behalf. I love you. Take Care.
Love, Carol Liptrot

Debbie Rhoads said...

Wonderful!! We are so excited to hear great news, and Trenden is a great little boy. What a powerful spirit and touching example of love and concern for his wonderful mother. We love you Jodi. Hope everything continues to just get better and better from here on out! We'll bring you home some chocolates from Sun Valley, and continue to pray for your full recovery from this challenging ordeal. Hang in there!

The Rhoads

Rachel said...

Yay! So glad she's feeling and doing better. I certainly hope the leak is stopped for good. Trendon is such a little cutie and so faithful. I know Heavenly Father is rewarding him and Jodi for his faith.

You're still in our prayers. We love you!

hartleyhouse said...

Yay! We are so happy things are going better! You are still in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, hopefully you'll be able to go home soon! We love you!

Clark & Laura

=Molly= said...

I'm so glad to hear the recovery is coming along!

Trenden is a great example to me! Wow, what a great Mother to raise an amazing son! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TOO JODI!

Keep up the positive attitude! You are doing wonderfully!

Molly Alofipo

rek said...

HI jodi
Just checking on you.
I've been in toulouse and just got home.
I just wanted you to know how special you are
i am glad about the progress.
A little at a time. Keep fighting I know you
can beat this.

With all my love uncle Randy
Jess Lily And Clementine send there love too

Pam said...

Von, I love your description of Jodi's exercises. It was so encouraging to know she is moving so well, even with seemingly simple exercises. I'll bet they feel huge. They are, and they'll put you on a runway to take off, Jodi. You are utterly impressive. Prayers continue.

Flints Facts said...

Great News Jodi, Keep it up!!!
You should be very proud of Trendon, what a great example he is to all of us.(He has been taught by some special parents)

Have a good night, Love you,