Friday, May 29, 2009

Visits and a Horizontal Shower

Jodi has had some close friends drop by today with flowers, homemade cookies, and fresh stawberries. She has thoroughly enjoyed those visits.

She just took a horizontal shower (see pictures below). We've not seen anything like this before, but since it is too hard for her to stand or sit up due to the spinal fluid leak and the resulting spinal headaches, this is how she took her shower. It's a great idea. This contraption looks like it was made out of pvc pipe in someone's garage. Hey, it worked and she loved it...nice and clean and no headache. Wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi,
Just wanted you to know that I watched your sweet Lindy perform her piano solo in the first grade talent show. I know how much you wanted to be there, but we cheered her on and she did a fabulous job! We were all so proud of her. She has lots of moms filling in for you right now. We will keep praying and hope to see you home soon. Wendy Eastman

Flints Facts said...

It was great to visit with you today and see your smiling face...and share that long awaited hug...I am also glad to see that they got you in the shower as they talked about and that your dad came through on the photos for me..Thanks Von..
I hope you get to sleep through the night tonight without interuption...

Take care of yourself and stay strong, I love ya and continue to pray for you!!!

Love, Kelly

Mark said...

Hi Jodi,

We have been following your progress daily and continue to pray for you to get better. The "lay-down" shower looks like fun. Man - what some moms will do for a break from the routine - haha. I know how you feel about the big needle and burning injections. Same kind-of thing happened to me when I was in the hospital a few years back (I know it feels like your veins are on fire).
You look like you're doing much better lately and we all hope you get well soon.

Love Uncle Mark & Darlene and Kids

Anonymous said...

Just in case you didn't already know this, I wanted to tell readers how wonderful of a person Jodi Brown is. You also may not know that Jodi is the Foundation Director at Weber Human Services. Recently, Jodi was instrumental in a very successful fundraiser for the purpose of helping children with autism. Jodi had many new ideas for the fundraiser and worked diligently contacting community vendors to solicit donations and prizes. She did all this and was still working even when she was ill and undiagnosed.
This year produced the largest return on investment that Weber Human Services has ever seen with this fundraiser event. Jodi was so well organized that when she had to turn over the reins of this project to other Weber Human Services personnel,they easily completed the remaining tasks.
Jodi we miss you and hope for a speedy recovery. Thanks for your involvment in Weber Human Services.

Kevin Eastman

Chaston said...

Jodi~ You ARE amazing! Just reading the post about the sodium infusion made me hurt for you. You are an example to everyone who knows you and your situation. I think about you daily and I pray that you will be able to come home to your family real soon. Hang in there!
Chase and Amber Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Funny, Jodi, how when you feel better, I do, too. Blessings on today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi...
5 o'clock in the morning - couldn't sleep amd thinking about you! Didn't have a chance to get on the blog site yeterday, but talked with your mom. We met Tova at Thanksgiving Point and brought Casidi and Tanner home with us. They have been a lot of fun! Would love to do that with your children as well! We have talked with your mom about things to do when she brings the children down south amd are looking forward to spending time with them!
It was good to hear you had a good day! We look forward to that kind of informationand keep praying that you soon will be able to go home! Love you so much amd will continue to fast and pray for you - hang in there!

Trenden Brown said...

Hell0 Mom-
This is Trenden. Brandon and I decided to see if there was any updates on the blog. We decided that Grandpa Orgill is a little better at being a blog author then Dad. Dad has a lot of great talents but Grandpa Orgill is a little better with the details and more frequent. We love you and are praying for you. We hope that the surgery will go well. Love you hope I can see you later this afternoon. Love Trenden

britt said...

what an interesting concept. whateverf does the trick and makes YOU feel better, right?! Sounds like you had a better day, and that is great to hear! Love ya, hang in there and think positive!!

Nichole Giles said...

Okay, so I keep waiting to hear you're allowed to have visitors, but you just keep being tried, don't you?

I'm still thinking about you and praying for you. Keep your chin up. Things will get better.


=Molly= said...

Thats a pretty cool shower! Sorry about the whole sodium infusion thing! That sounded awful! You are one tough cookie! love ya!~

Anonymous said...

Jodi, As I thought about you today, I have thought of a few positive things that have come out of this whole experience. 1. You haven't had to come up for what's for dinner. 2. You have been able to experience what it's like to have a home on the East Bench of SLC. 3. You haven't had to do house cleaning. 4. If you ever wanted to dress up as The Riddler, you already have one question mark on you. 5. You have been able to sip on hospital ice chips (The Best). 6. You haven't had to wake up and think hmmm, what should I wear today? 7. You have been able to experience what a Sodium Infusion is like (most of us haven't). 8. You have realized how many people love and care for you. 9. You have seen miracles happen. 10. You and many others have had their testimony grow because of your experience. I love you Jodi, and I hope you are smiling. Love, Annette