Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jodi's Worst Night Yet - Some Family Fun

Late last night after some special visitors departed Jodi experienced the worst spinal headache yet! It lasted the entire night! Despite the diligent efforts of the night nurse, the pain medication just didn't do the trick. She was also nauseated and vomited for two hours before some medication got that under control. Jodi said this was simply the worst night she's experienced through this entire ordeal. Tolan stayed with Jodi through much of this difficult and painful night.

She hasn't been able to eat, because she can't sit up at all. She is lying flat and keeping her head completely still.

Right now she is trying to rest as best she can given the circumstances.

We're hoping this is a temporary condition that Jodi will get through quickly so she can still get out of the hospital soon.

They did remove Jodi's bandages this morning. You can see a picture below of her incision with the new staples. It doesn't look quite so bad as the first surgery. They only shaved her head right around the actual incision itself rather than taking a wide swath across her head as they did before. That's good!

Jodi did want you to know that there were some members of her family having fun yesterday. Below are pictures of Jodi's children from their outing with their cousins (Tami's kids) and Grandma Orgill. They all went to McDonalds for breakfast and then for a walk up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls. They had a lot of fun! Jodi is looking forward to getting out of the hospital and having some fun adventures like this with her kids once again!

Jodi's new incision and staples. Note this time they put a couple of the staples right through her ear. We don't know why.

Grandma Orgill and the cousins getting started on their walk to Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Arriving at the Falls.

Trenden and Lindi hiking up the bottom part of Bridal Veil Falls with cousins Taylor, Trent, and Jaida.

Casen thinking the water is really cold!

Casen and Daven enjoying sitting on the branch of a big tree in the park leading to Bridal Veil Falls.


Kathy Skene said...

Hope you will be feeling better soon Jodi and feel the loving arms of those who care about you, especially the Savior!
Thanks for your continued example of faith in adversity. I pray it won't last much longer.

Karen said...

I am SO sorry Jodi. I can't imagine how you've endured all that you have! I think about you so often, and wonder how you're feeling. I'm sorry to hear about how much pain you were in last just STINKS! I am sure you want to just scream out loud, and I'm sure you would, if you didn't feel your head would explode. Tell you what...I'll go outside and scream at the top of my lungs for you, about how much this stinks. And then, I'll say yet another prayer....hoping that 'this too shall pass'. On a happiner note...thank goodness for our moms & dads, huh?! Looks like everyone is taking excellent care of your darling kids...but I'm sure they can't wait to get you back! Hang in there..(I know, I know...easy for me to say!) We love you, and will keep waiting for some more good news! XOXO, Karen

Anonymous said...

Jodi, you are a 21st Century Job. And in the end it all turned out well for him, as it will for you. Blessings on you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you have had to go through sooooo much pain and for tooooo long. Hope and pray the worst is over... and for good. Love, Wendy T.

Flints Facts said...

Jodi, I am so sorry you are struggling and in so much pain...hang in there. You are amazing and such a good example to many. I continue to pray for you and hope you will have brighter and better days SOON!!!

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jodi,
Hang in there. This is crazy.. what you are going through. It will end soon ...and you will be on your feet without pain or dizziness. Only good wishes, thoughts and prayers are sent your way from us. Remember to relax and think of the happiest thoughts that you can.
Susan and Terry Judd

Kim Campbell said...

Jodi, you continue to amaze me every day with your strenght and fortitude. No one else could endure what you have. Know that my prayers and love are sent your way. I hope that you come home soon so that I can come see you. I pray for your continued strenth and that you will soon recover. Love, Kim Campbell

Anonymous said...

Well I just think all this stinks! I am going to Hawaii and you are supposed to be with me dang it!

I was really worried about you after we talked this morning. This whole experience has been a huge faith tester. I can only imagine how things would be if you didn't have a zillion people praying for you...ooh let's not really think of that. ;-)

I know when I return you will be home and things will hopefully start getting back to normal. I need you home so we can have our morning talks and house cleaning conversations again. ( wonder my house has been a mess the last few weeks)

I think you are super woman with a really cool battle wound! I pray for you ALL the time, and I will continue to do so until your hair grows back! ;-)

Love ya lots!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are great. Full of life and energy. I can tell you are a great Mom. They are our greatest joy. I am inspirered by your strength and example. Hang in there. Sheree

Anonymous said...

Jodi, Sorry you're in so much pain. I wish there was something I could do to take this away. Know that you'll be in our prayers. Hope that you'll be home soon. Who knows maybe there'll be a return of the white dragon and celebrate your coming home. Love, Randy

Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi:

You never cease to amaze me with your strength and faith!!!! And what a wonderful husband and family you have! I feel like I have gotten to know Tolan thru all of your blogs, and yet you live just across the street!!! Tolan, you are an amazing source of strength, and an incredible example to us all!!!! I am looking forward to seeing all of you and your smiling faces and the energy of your children playing outside soon!!!! Once again, much love to all of you!!! Cindy Taylor

p.s. I am still praying and getting better at it every day!!!! :)

britt said...

Oh Jodi I feel so bad for you. It seems as though you never can quite get a break! I sure hope you get the proper meds to help treat these horrible headaches and that you get some permanent relief REALLY soon! I think you are one strong lady, who has endured so very much. I think you deserve to come home now! I just hope everything else cooperates so you can do that. Love ya and hang in there. Just a little bit longer. It WILL get better!! Praying and thinking of you, as always!

Diane said...

Oh, Jodi. I was so sorry to read this update. Please know I am thinking about you all the time and remembering you constantly in my prayers. I think the world of you, even more so for your strength and example through this trial. I'm so glad your kids got some fun cousin time! Hoping and praying for better news with the next update. Love you much, cousin!

Anonymous said...

You know what Jodi, I have decided that it is all of your friends, family, and neighbors who are supposed to be learning something from this whole experience. I'm just sorry that you are the "tool" for us to use to help us all become better, stronger people. Hang in there, we all have witnessed your patience, long suffering, and perseverance. We have learned so much from you. I hope tonight it a better night, and many better days and nights are on their way! Love, Annette

Anonymous said...

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